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Kitchen cabinets, much more than simply storage

As the old adage goes, there’s no such thing as too much storage which is doubly true for kitchens. Considering all the paraphernalia of cooking storage is an important requirement within the design of kitchens. As such kitchen cupboards are an essential part of the contemporary kitchen providing to all intents and purposes its character and form. Nowadays there is any number of practical and aesthetically appealing kitchen cabinet ideas to choose from. Modern kitchen cabinets are slick, machine made and stylish. Standard types are the base cabinets, wall cabinets, drawer cabinets and pantry type cabinets. In terms of materials kitchen cupboard ideas can include anything from quality hardwood timbers like oak to bargain basement melamine – any everything in between.

Kitchen Cabinets
Emotions™ E3 kitchen by Gamadecor

Kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen cabinets are a key element when it comes to how to organise a kitchen. Today cabinets have clever closing mechanisms, are airtight and made to the highest specifications. Depending on the layout of the kitchen the carcass or the structure of the kitchen cupboard will be visible (gable end unit or free standing peninsula) or hidden (mid cabinets) with just the door on display. Kitchen cupboard ideas should be matched with the type of space and the desired ambience. Task lighting provision should be included for wall cabinets. As well as being solid and robust kitchen cabinet design can be transparent (generally for wall cabinets) with built-in lighting or be equipped with racks for space-saving storage. Folding or roller shutter doors that are stored in recesses ensure slick and clean silhouettes when open or closed.

The best colours for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen wall cabinets (normally located over the kitchen worktop) do not necessarily have to be made from the same material or be treated like the under-counter or base cabinets. The choice of material or colour is a great way of bringing personality to the kitchen, even white can benefit from a pop of colour. The choice of colour can create a very different ambience and overall effect, just like paint colours on walls.

Grey kitchen cabinets

Elegant and sophisticated grey offers a variation on white with a marked character that can be reinforced with floor tiles, backsplash, etc.

Kitchen cabinets
Emotions™ E7 kitchen by Gamadecor / Emotions™ E4 kitchen by Gamadecor

White kitchen cabinets

Classic and never out of fashion, white evokes order, light and hygiene – precisely the qualities required in the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets
Residence R3 kitchen by Gamadecor / Residence R1 by Gamadecor

Blue kitchen cabinets

With its calming effect the colour blue presents endless variations from midnight to Mediterranean. Blue kitchen cabinets are especially impacting when paired with white worktops and backsplash materials.

Kitchen cabinets
Emotions™ E5 kitchen by Gamadecor / Emotions™ E2 kitchen by Gamadecor

Dark grey kitchen cabinets

Colour variations on grey like anthracite and charcoal that occupy the darker end of the spectrum can provide the gravitas of grey without going completely black.

Kitchen cabinets
Emotions™ E4 kitchen by Gamadecor

Green kitchen cabinets

Green is a colour associated with health, regeneration and the earth so green cabinets for kitchen décor is a great choice. Combine different shades of green for a more sophisticated effect.

Black kitchen cabinets

For elegant style and a marked character black cabinets are recommended. Black goes with anything so the worktop and backsplash can be neutral, colourful or classic.

Kitchen Cabinets
Emotions™ E4 kitchen by Gamadecor

Wooden kitchen cabinets

Another approach is to choose a natural material for built in cupboards designs to create a warm kitchen décor, like oak kitchen cabinets. Wooden kitchen cupboards are a popular choice but don’t necessarily have to be the typical dark brown that was ubiquitous not so long ago.

Kitchen cabinets
Emotions™ E6 kitchen by Gamadecor

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