22 February 2021


Custom kitchens with the new Gamadecor accessories

Porcelanosa Group designs custom-made kitchens with open shelves, mobile worktops, removable aluminium trays and oak or steel organisers.

Elements such as units and household appliances are very important in a kitchen. However, kitchen accessories are equally important for a comfortable, functional and fully customised space.

Gamadecor Emotions® kitchens feature countless finishes, but in addition to their wide range of designs, they also have an extensive variety of accessories that allow 100% customisation of your space.

Porcelanosa Gamadecor open shelving

#01. Open shelves for easier organisation

Open shelves are one of the most commonly used accessories in kitchen design. In terms of look, these shelves break up the monotony of closed units, adding a dynamic touch to the design with open storage. In a functional sense, they make it easier to locate and access products, making cooking a breeze.

Porcelanosa Gamadecor mobile backsplashes

#02. A concealed mobile backsplash

Gamadecor's horizontal or vertical sliding door system has received the prestigious Good Design award.

Its features include preventing the area from getting dirty while cooking, and hiding utensils such as knives and other tools while they are not being used (safer when there are children in the house).

#03. An endless mobile worktop

Gamadecor's mobile worktop is a very useful element in the kitchen, especially when space is limited. It can be extended and used as a table, or retracted to create more free space.

Porcelanosa Gamadecor Bieder unit

#04. The Bieder unit combines work and storage areas

The Bieder unit perfectly combines a work area with a removable steel worktop, and a comprehensive storage space arranged to be very user-friendly.

This unit is the perfect kitchen accessory for cooking quickly and easily.

Porcelanosa Gamadecor organisers

#05. Drawer organisers

Every chef has their own way of organising their utensils. Made of oak and steel, or high-strength polymer, these organisers adapt to the style and colour of the drawer to offer a practical and balanced space.

#06. Complete and well-defined interior equipment

With a clean, essential and functional design, which offers the required comfort and is suited to any aesthetic, interior equipment is characterised by removable aluminium trays.

In a Sable finish, the removable units for corners and cupboards are suitable for low units and columns. They stand out, above all, for their versatility and compatibility with any space.

#07. Waste bin, user-friendly and hygienic

Gamadecor offers a wide variety of user-friendly, hygienic solutions for waste separation. The various existing bin systems and the myriad of options depending on unit width are suited to any kitchen.

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