March 20, 2019 | Updated: December 31, 2019


Key points for the perfect kitchen design

Gamadecor, the company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has incorporated the latest technology and the finest materials into its equipment.

Open kitchens, ceramic wall tiles, large porcelain worktops and hidden cupboards are just some of the latest trends which will make this space a unique place.

Thought up to be a space where family and friends get together, the kitchen has become the nerve centre at home. This is how Gamadecor sees it, the specialised company in kitchens and bathrooms from the PORCELANOSA Grupo. Its projects bring design, technology and practicality together.  

Fine materials, large-format ceramic wall tiles and hidden cupboards are just some of the ideas that the company puts forward to create the perfect kitchen. A summary of what can be found in its extensive kitchen catalogue, where sustainability and aesthetics come together. The kitchen conceived as a collective act.

By following the triangle of work from the School of Architecture in Illinois (USA), kitchens are divided into three areas:

  1. The storage area.
  2. The preparation and cleaning area.
  3. The cooking area.

Many times, these areas separated from each other, but what about having them joined as one? This is the question that Gamadecor puts forward in its architectural aesthetic reformulation of the kitchen.

In order to achieve it, the distance between the areas should be between 1.20cm and 3cm, thus reducing the working time, which results in more possibilities. It is an idea whose result is the open kitchen which comes together with the living room in the house, the hidden shelves and the hanging lamps.

The five key points for creating the perfect kitchen according to Gamadecor:

1. Open kitchens for small spaces

Open kitchens make it possible to turn two rooms into one, which results in having a bigger open space. We are dealing with a practical solution for small kitchens where elegance, character and functionality come together in the same place.


2. Shelves with no filters

One of the most used resources for having the space capacity increased is to make shelves visible. In this way, spice containers, plates and kitchen utensils become cult items with their very own design and interpretation.


 3. Ceramic wall tiles which enhance brightness

Ceramic wall tiles lead the way in kitchens, since the same series makes it possible to join the cooking area with the storage cupboards and the electrical appliances.


4. Earth colours on the table

Nude, beige or earth colours are the latest trend for kitchens. The warmth conveyed by these tones encourages us not only to spend more time trying out new recipes, but also to chat away late into the night. The white or grey tones, and the hanging lamps will also give this area a stronger character.


5. Hidden cupboards which improve how the space is seen

Those cupboards with deep and hidden drawers create harmony between the different elements, and furthermore, they extend the centimetres of this type of furniture so that whatever is inside them remains hidden. Aesthetic and gastronomic balance.


 A new way to experience the kitchen.

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