March 8, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019


K® TERRAZZO: ‘mineral’ tribute to the usual materials with KRION®

The  24th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition sees ground-breaking developments in Architecture and Interior Design. It is easy to see the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact is a state-of-the-art product because of its versatility and wide range of properties; in addition to this, it now increases its aesthetical possibilities through a clear tribute to the most usual materials.

Terrazzo Series is the new collection from the KRION® acrylic stone, which is inspired by the beauty and the re-use of materials when creating the classical terrazzo. It is a flooring which comes from 15th century Venice, as a result of the use of the remaining pieces of marble, so that when mixed with cement, mixtures were created as essential designs for construction.

KRION® and the terrazzoo share several technical features. The appearance, the re-use, the decoration depth since they are considered as being ‘full-body’ elements in architecture… Additionally, both of them offer the advantage of having the surface regenerated when necessary.

On the contrary, one can also find some important differences between the Solid Surface from the PORCELANOSA Grupo and the terrazzo. KRION® has numerous properties that are not present in the terrazzo, such as bending or high-resistance to knocks; zero porosity, so it can be installed in wet atmospheres or in direct contact with water; its thickness, since the manufacturing of the KRION® sheets is carried out in 12mm, instead of the 20mm which is typical of the original terrazzo; the joints imperceptibility or the easy-transformation for the creation of any design.

For the development of this original, elegant and innovative Solid Surface collection, the PORCELANOSA Grupo has taken the obtainment of a depurated aesthetics very much into consideration, which allowed for the combination with other materials, as well as for excellent adaptability to any decorative style. Furthermore, there has been particular emphasis on the re-use of the material used in the creation process of the main design, which is obtained from the production cycle itself.

Numerous K® Terrazzo versions

The new K® Terrazzo collection offers various designs:

-Bianco Classico (T101). Big black particles on white, whose surface is full of little pieces of different white tones, transparent, and marble-effect.

-Marmo Bianco (T102). It is a KRION® version with a base in a cream colour whose main feature is that it has got grey and black fragments, along with golden glitter splinters.

-Grafite Classico (T901). A black matte background where one can find thousands of particles of different sizes, highlighting the whitish and amber-coloured shades.

-Pietra (T902). Stone-inspired, with the base in grey with white, grey and brown particles.

-Concrete (T903). Very similar to the former, but with a wider range of tones on the grey base: white, stone, leather and amber touches.

-Grigio Classico (T904), KRION® with the base in grey and with white and grey particles.

All these new options are added to the existing aesthetical possibilities of KRION®. In short, any project can count on a state-of-the-art mineral material without compromising an exclusive, unique and customised aesthetics.

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