November 23, 2022


The Japanese-style bidet toilet trend: one piece, two functions

Smart toilets fuse design and innovation, allowing for greater personal hygiene, convenience and comfort thanks to washing with the use of water

The year 2023 is approaching and the bells are already ringing for next year’s trends in decoration and colours for the different rooms in the home. With regard to the bathroom, the development of technology has catapulted the success of the bidet toilet or Japanese toilet, which provide great comfort and versatility. And so, the concept of wellness extends beyond the shower.

What are Japanese-style bidets like?

This type of toilet is characterised by fusing the functions of toilet and bidet in a single element, allowing hygiene routines to be maintained.

Advantages of Japanese-style bidet toilets

The different types of Japanese bidets have a number of benefits and features that make them a very popular and trendy item:

  • Sustainability: this toilet model saves on toilet paper and water.
  • Personalised comfort: it has a design and functionalities that provide greater comfort to the user.
  • Aesthetics: the easy installation of these toilets is very simple, saving space and giving a more minimalist look to the bathroom.
  • Hygiene: is a cleaner and more functional choice; especially for those who make frequent or daily use of the bidet, for those with reduced mobility or for the elderly. It also includes a deodorising system that suppresses unpleasant odours.

Types of Japanese-style bidet toilets

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from PORCELANOSA Group, presents two options to gain more space in the bathroom and to achieve a totally personalised experience.

On the one hand, there is the Acro Compact I-Smart model, designed for the seat mechanism to fit inside it. This means it is fully integrated thanks to the thin seat. It is a WaterForest design, the eco-conscious concept developed by Noken, which allows for significant energy and water savings. The main features of the Acro Compact I-Smart toilet include:

Deodorising function (eliminates unpleasant odours from inside the bowl by means of an air filtering system).

Remote control.

Adjustable water pressure and drying temperature.

Massage (the nozzle swings up and down to distribute the water).

Eco function (half or full flush).

Customisable temperature, with 3 adjustment levels.

– Front and rear self-cleaning (intimate hygiene for rear and front washing, customised male and female cleaning).

Self-cleaning and removable nozzle.

– Night light (the high-efficiency toilet cleaning technology with an innovative design and symmetrical flushing on both sides of the walls).

– Easy cleaning thanks to the Noken Clean Rimless system.

– Heated seat (comfort and convenience thanks to its ergonomic and heated seat with adjustable temperature).

Another option is the Urban C toilet. Functionalism in its purest form. Its timeless design makes it ideal for any style of bathroom. Both the water pressure and temperature can be regulated from the external unit which is installed next to the toilet. Its eco-friendly design, with water consumption of just 3L/min and low flush rate, is noteworthy.

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