March 4, 2019 | Updated: November 13, 2019


The interior designer, Beatriz Silveira, will be on the jury at the 12th PORCELANOSA Grupo Awards

Her passion for antiques and avant-garde pieces led to the structuring of her very own style,   which brings aesthetics and functionality together.

Specialised in residential and professional projects alike, her spaces exude brightness, sophistication and a different feminine approach.

Her ‘Trendy Kitchen’ project won the award for the Best Original Design at Casa Decor 2017.

Beatriz Silveira always focused on antiques and those timeless objects which stood out by themselves. That sharp instinct, which will be present at the 12th edition of the PORCELANOSA Grupo Architecture and Interior Design Awards, led her to making her main inquisitiveness more professional: interior design. 

The aforementioned profession was achieved in a natural way, without any difficulty whatsoever. She is true to the style that can be found in her spaces, where aesthetics and functionality directly complement each other. “A space can provide strength and character, as well as harmony and warmth at the same time. The key is in the balance and the choice of each piece”.


Clear focal point

This key principle led her to creating her own studio in 2005: Batik Interiores. It is from there where she manages and accurately controls all residential projects and professional spaces which need a new approach, namely: hers. “My main objective is to grasp my clients’ sensitivity, tastes and lifestyles, with a view to turning their home decor into a moment which will be exciting and participatory”, defines the interior designer.

Her five core ideas, which are: sensitivity, creativity, romanticism, spontaneity and persistence; have made it possible for her projects to be recognised all over the world. In 2017, she picked up the Best Original Design Award and the Second Mention Award for the Best Interior Designer Original Design in Casa Decor. The same event where she won the Jury Award in 2013.

Alabaster light

Brightness is a must have for Silveira, hence, she opts for open spaces which are full of white, wood and alabaster. Elements which form a part of her imagination. She seeks exclusive and discontinued pieces which are full of small great stories on the inside. Vintage furniture, lamps, romantic mirrors, eastern carpets, velvets and silks; are some of the important parts which make up Silveira’s company. Simply one of a kind.


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