December 30, 2019

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Interior design trends 2020, what the year ahead holds for home décor

This is the time of year when we come across lists of the year’s best something or other on TV shows, in magazine articles and online. Lists that look back at the year gone by and others looking forward to the coming year. So we have put together our own list of 2020 interior design trends regarding home decor trends for the year ahead. Our predictions for emerging interior design trends in terms of materials, colours and accessories. Living room trends, technology trends and bathroom trends. Specifically we will be considering UK design trends 2020, choosing six distinct areas of home décor.

Combining the organic and high tech

Among the most promising 2020 interior design trends is the combination of organic crafts with high tech gadgets and installations. Automation and the incorporation of technology in the Smart Home are here to say. However the elements that provide the interplay with the body will increasingly see a return to crafts. A mixture of local crafts, materials such as wood and natural textiles will soften the cold and sterile aspects of technology.

Maximalism is the new minimalism

Expect to see the return of the glamour and verve of the 70s and 80s design with a contemporary twist. Rich and heavy fabrics like velvet, embroidered textiles, hemp etc. expressed in linear and curvaceous forms. Metallic accents like bronze, chrome and Rose gold will provide the drama. Wall tiles, light fixtures, accessories and ornamental objets d’art.

Geometry and nature

For a number of years now geometric wall tiles and flooring patterns have been popular with interior designers. The year ahead will see a more understated use of geometric motifs juxtaposed with floral designs. We predict a return of floral patterns in wall paper designs, textiles, soft furnishings and decorative objects. As well as organic motifs expressed in recurring geometric style patterning such as ceramic tiling.

Sustainable design and recyclables

Awareness of the planet’s finite resources has never been more acute than it is now. Recycled materials such as plastics and wood are increasingly used for making designer furniture, accessories such as rugs and decorative objects. However manufacturers will also be incorporating more recycled materials in their own products. The Krion™ Nature Lux series for example incorporates between 6 and 12% of recycled acrylic.

Textures with character

The coming year will also see a proliferation of exaggerated natural textures like bark, natural cork, woven fabrics and bamboo. Tactile surfaces that acquire different characteristics depending on the light that also incorporate natural textures. Real materials that represent a foil to our increasingly digital world.

The colours of 2020

Earthy tones and neutral shades will be the colours of 2020 reflecting out preoccupation with the environment. The predicted colour trend for 2020 is Neo Mint a warm shade inspired by natural elements like sea foam and vegetation that creates a neutral backdrop. And classic blue, selected as Pantone’s Colour of 2020 that recalls water and reflections of the skies above. Earth, ocean and sky then will form the inspiration for the year’s colour palette.

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