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Connecting with nature through raw materials and technology: the theme of the Twelfth Porcelanosa Awards

The event focused on four materials used for building: stone, wood, glass and metal, which in turn inspired the main stage design.

The staging, the concept of the event and the audiovisual display in the elegant setting of the Zalacain La Finca complex were the fruit of a partnership between the PORCELANOSA Group and Instronic.

Deconstructing the Roman number XII through the textures and colours of glass, metal, stone and wood: the four main elements that defined the stage design of the 2019 Porcelanosa Awards, a joint project by the Instronic company and the PORCELANOSA Group.

Zalacain La Finca in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) was the venue chosen for the event, which was attended by more than 430 guests, including leading figures in national and international architecture and design. Among them were architect Carlos Lamela and British interior designer Kelly Hoppen, who received honorary awards for their long and distinguished careers.

Instronic 1

Entering the Porcelanosa universe

The event contained many surprises for the attendees who enjoyed the audio-visual presentation of the Twelfth Porcelanosa Awards. Different natural elements were displayed using Instronic’s digital art, using technology to produce a sensory show where geometrical forms, music and the light of the main hall were fused to create a unique atmosphere. “We created a scenario combining primary elements and LED technology in various formats, allowing us to play with the digital content of each thematic block and stage an event where art, design and innovation formed a solid, moving whole,” the Instronic team explained.

The aim was to capture the spectators’ attention, making them witnesses to the ceremony whilst at the same time being a part of it. This was an essential aspect of the event’s audiovisual strategy. “We wanted all the guests to understand the language of the Porcelanosa universe. That’s why we devised a digital display whose narrative thread was linked to natural materials and the essence of the Porcelanosa Group. It was an incredible experience, very enriching both as a spectacle and for us behind the scenes,” the Instronic team concluded.

We shall have to wait until September to see what the Thirteenth Porcelanosa Awards have in store.


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