February 6, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019

Building systems

Innovative precision from the latest innovations by Butech for the 25th International Exhibition

During the 25th International Exhibition, the most important event of the year for PORCELANOSA Grupo, we go over the most important innovations which Butech has presented, the company specialised in building systems.

Certified facades

Regarding the facades, these are key elements in buildings which have high quality materials such as Airslate or Krion® for all types of enclosures. The Technical Department from Butech manages to provide the most demanding quality certificates, thanks to its innovative technologies, which offer the highest safety standards required on five continents.

The cast metal profiles collection: the decorative trend for the future

Butech’s Pro-Part Cast decorative profile adapts metal in its pure state to the warmest atmospheres which are inspired by: wood, stone and cement; fusing elegance and innovation and providing continuity and fluidity to the atmosphere.

The two new Cast Metal collections are: Pro-part Cast Iron and Pro-part Cast Copper, which are both made of brass. Both lines are designed to merge aesthetically between the ceramic collections from both Porcelanosa and Venis, offering a cutting-edge touch to Gamadecor’s kitchen and bathroom atmospheres.

Adhesive for the Politech Premium wall tiles: Strength and adhesive adaptability

Politech Premium is an ultra-manageable reactive resin adhesive, designed to provide extra resistance to all types of wall tiles where, maximum grip and deformability are required. Materials like Aislate by l’Antic Colonial, with amazing adaptability, use Politech Premium for the best placement on any surface.

New SHOWER DECK models: invisible shower trays

As if it were an extension of the flooring, Shower Deck shower trays have arrived in order to revolutionise interior design in the bathroom. Shower deck, by way of a reverted rigid polyurethane with thermoset polymers, hides the shower drain as if it were a part of the same wooden floor in the bathroom.This system, through a layout of hidden gradients and 3mm thick open joints, allows for ideal water filtration, as well as providing the inside of the shower with a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and as much room as one likes when showering.

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