17 February 2022


Gamadecor's industrial kitchens for 2022

Designed with the most hard-wearing PORCELANOSA Group materials and equipped with the latest technology, each design brings the perfect blend of hygiene and practicality to kitchens.

The secret of a great dish lies in the careful selection of ingredients, the quantities used, and the way each item is cooked to bring out the maximum flavour.
Of course, the raw materials play an important role in each and every one of these processes, but the kitchen you're working in and the systems it incorporates (cooking or ventilation) are also key. This is always kept front and centre at Gamadecor, where industrial kitchens prioritise quality over quantity with durable and resistant materials such as stainless steel, Krion® Solid Surface and the mineral compact XTONE®.

Gourmet design and quality for haute-cuisine

Designed to meet the needs of each individual project, and equipped with the latest technology, Gamadecor industrial kitchens have consolidated their position in the hospitality and catering sector thanks to their advanced performance and high quality standards.

With its two star models (modular kitchen and bespoke kitchen), the PORCELANOSA Group firm plans and controls each phase of production. This means they can guarantee compliance at every stage, ensuring the right technical installations are included and each element is fitted correctly (cold tables, storage, sinks, dishwashers and shelving).

The main advantages Gamadecor kitchens have over others on the market are the level of customisation offered to customers and the durability of the equipment. Each kitchen is designed according to the customer's specific needs, with the backing of the PORCELANOSA Group technical teams and their range of collections. "We offer a comprehensive service so that customers feel fully supported every step along the way of the project. This goes from offering individual advice to manufacturing kitchens that help you position your brand on the market", states a Gamadecor source.

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