March 26, 2019 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Breccia marble rejuvenates with the Indic collection from Venis

Its strong grey and white veining has increased its definition by up to 80% with improved gradients for floors and walls. 

With 80cm x 80cm and 59.6cm x 59.6cm formats for floor tiles, and 45cm x 120cm for wall tiles, this series adapts to any type of interior through its 14 different patterns.

Marble has become the main source of inspiration for Venis, which was also the case with Artic, whose pure white brought back the same classicism typical of the Carrara marble. As well as that, its Indic collection has been based on the faded tones of the Supreme Breccia marble.

Natural light in small cubes

Its strong white and grey veining shows the latest advances in production and technological treatment. The accuracy with which the density and the shine of the marble is reproduced has allowed for product definition to be increased by some 80%, and furthermore, it gets improved gradients for floor tiles and wall tiles.

The format for floors is 80cm x 80cm and 59.6cm x 59.6cm, whereas for walls, it is 45cm x 120cm, in both its gloss and matt finishes. Its 14 patterns provide elegance and richness alike to rooms such as: bathrooms, living-rooms and kitchens; capturing the natural light in the surrounding area. It is a result which takes on a new dimension with the 45cm x 120cm Cubik Indic wall tile decor. Made up of small cubes in a gloss finish, the overlapped pieces increase the deepness and the relief of the space, turning any home into a mansion.

Technology in favour of art

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