August 23, 2016 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Ibiza Wall Tiles from L’Antic Colonial: The island brings freshness to the design

Mediterranean freshness from the island of Ibiza shapes the essence of the new ceramic wall tile series from L’Antic Colonial, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo. A new serene collection that fulfils the requirements regarding minimalism, and at the same time, it satisfies the most peaceful and the freest of interior designs.

Whether it is a residential or contract project, the Ibiza series is that perfect option to both captivate and surprise, through two different finishes, namely matt and gloss, and a highly pure chromatic scale, which has a special and unique spirit. Although made up of six different colours, all of them have natural status, together with both clarity and elegance, covering the rooms with a profound lightness and sophistication.

Snow and white are the line’s lightest colours, swinging in turn to the purity of the colour white, or in a light greyish finish. The midtones come in Grey, in both Concrete and steel tones, from exclusive grey in distinct intensities to the brand-spanking new metal finish. With regard to the darkest colour, which is Ibiza Dark, noticeable for the deepness of its lines in a most beautiful intense grey colour.

L’Antic Colonial, in every case, offers both finishes, in matt and gloss, allowing for the complete personalization of the design, as well as being able to be adapted to every challenge or project.

Discover its versatility

In the 10x40cm format, the ceramic Ibiza collection shapes the essence of the new series of ceramic wall tiles decorated in both medium and small formats. A versatility that also moves to the design, and furthermore, it is able to complement any type of stone quite exquisitely, just like the other wall tiles from other PORCELANOSA Grupo’s firms such as Porcelanosa, Venis o Urbatek.

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