November 19, 2020


How to waterproof your bathroom using Butech materials

Here are some
technical solutions from the construction system specialist PORCELANOSA Group firm, for resisting moisture and the passage of time.

As a result of steam, leaks and drips, bathrooms are at risk of damp appearing and bacteria proliferating. These three processes can deteriorate bathroom materials such as ceramic tiles and natural wood and affect their insulating capacity.

To improve bathroom safety and eliminate any condensation, PORCELANOSA Group firm Butech has come up with a range of shower trays and waterproofing systems that prevent water from entering and make areas prone to damp more hygienic.


Damp-resistant ceramic tiles

Thanks to their strength, high insulating capacity, easy cleaning properties and resistance to high temperatures, ceramic tiles have become one of the most widely-used materials in bathrooms and kitchens.

Room scheme created with the Sochi Marfil Pulido collection by Porcelanosa + Mertens Roble Polvo bathroom furniture by Gamadecor + Round & Urban taps by Noken

To ensure they last longer and to prevent damp appearing on walls and floors, Butech recommends using its Imperband sheets. With an innovative design and just 0.5 mm thick, the sheets can be placed under the ceramic tiles, preventing any build-up of water or mould and reinforcing their impermeability.

Another solution the firm offers for protecting ceramic tiles' technical properties is Epotech Aqua/Epotech Nature. This fully waterproof jointing material preserves the colour of ceramic tiles and prevents water from entering thanks to its zero porosity and advanced chemical composition.

Safer and more innovative shower trays

Championing integrated and sustainable design, Butech has developed its modern Shower Deck shower trays, with a floor-level structure that hides the drainage and is level with the rest of the bathroom floor, making for broader and more accessible spaces.

The system is easy to install and maintain, and you can add the Kit Imperband Standard, a waterproofing sheet that connects to an extra-flat drain, constructing a shower tray that is just 8 cm high. The pack is compatible with square or linear grilles and can be integrated flawlessly into any bathroom.

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