March 22, 2019

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Different Ways To Use Decorative Tiles Inside Your Home

Decorative tiles have become hugely popular in recent years for their ability to accentuate the attractiveness of each place and bring distinction and class. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and patterns, so they are exceptionally versatile and able to adapt to all kind of locations and styles.

However, these designs can be visually overwhelming if you use them across large areas or in small rooms, where its use may be highly inadvisable. Having this in mind, you will now be aware of the importance of knowing where to place them and how. In other words, not everything goes when it comes to choosing a decorative tile for your home.

In this sense, we can take as reference the excellent uses of this type of wall covering in this comfy house located in Denver, Colorado. Floors by Remo & Company are responsible for this project, in which customers chose a large sized and textured tile for its uniqueness and singularity. They loved that they hadn’t seen anything like it before.

Covering the fireplace surround

This wall covering has been used in three different locations, each of them having its personality and character. First of all, it is worth highlighting its application in the living room fireplace surround. Combined with white walls, this cement-like tile adds an urban and industrial touch to the room, decorated in pale pink tones. This contrast between urban and naïf style brings refinement to new levels and provides warmth to this space.

This decorative tile has also been used to cover the master bedroom fireplace wall. Thanks to the geometric pattern of this ceramic covering, this area becomes the focal point of the room, gaining ground on the bed itself. Aesthetically, the finish of this coating blends perfectly with the large wooden headboard and the navy-blue bedspread and cushion set. And because of this, the combination transmits us directly to the sea.

Creating a feature wall

Lastly, it has been created an accent wall to add some interest to the bathroom. If you like to follow the latest trends, we recommend you to choose one of the walls, if possible the one where the bath or vanity is placed and cover it using decorative tiles. By doing this, you will get an attractive and functional space, very easy to maintain and perfect to enjoy the privacy of a hot, rejuvenating shower.


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