December 26, 2019 | Updated: January 4, 2021

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How to save energy at home

The drive to cut down on home utility bills is no longer simply a question of saving money but one of saving the planet. To avoid climate change we will simply have to lower our energy consumption. 

Awareness of how to save energy is increasingly a consideration in how we plan and manage our homes. As home electrical bills tend to be the greatest domestic outlay then cutting down on electricity is an obvious area to implement energy savings. This is also related to our increased reliance on electrical appliances in the home for entertainment and practical domestic chores. Ways on how to save energy include everything from installing efficient electro-domestic devices to improved standards of insulation. Here below we look at both simple and more sophisticated suggestions regarding how to save energy in day to day life.

How to go about making energy savings on water heating

When it comes to the bathroom the most obvious way to save energy is with water heating. Energy saving tips includes having a shower rather than a bath and turning the wash hand basin tap off when soaping one’s hands. The average shower lasting approximately 5 minutes will consume 20 gallons (75 litres) of water. The average bath requires 80 gallons (300 litres) of water. When we consider that this water must be heated then the savings are apparent. TheWaterForest initiative campaign sponsored by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, provides a savings calculator for all bathroom related activities. For additional ways to cut down on water use consult these 12 tips for sustainability in the bathroom.


How to save energy at home


Making energy savings in the kitchen

The kitchen is another area where we can make a difference when it comes to how to save energy in the home. By selecting the most efficient energy rated appliances, by making sure the dishwasher is fully loaded and cooking in more sustainable ways. Even by washing clothes at a lower temperature and switching to led lighting savings can be made.


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The most efficient way to heat a home

One of the most significant energy savings that can be made in the home is with heating, which normally accounts for the greatest household expenditure after food. Investment in additional insulation for attics and walls will pay for itself in a surprisingly short period of time. Double (or triple) glazing is also cost-effective and surprisingly with even a small adjustment in the thermostat, significant savings can be realised.


The sustainable home

Ideally, energy efficiency is designed into the home before construction even begins. The ‘passive house’ is the term that describes an energy-efficient house that uses a variety of methods that ensure comfortable temperatures all year round using minimal energy. The airtightness, ventilation and heating source are all integrated to ensure minimal waste. Discover additional suggestions on how to save incorporate renewable energy sources into the home with Butech.


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