July 15, 2021


How to organise your bathroom for two

Here are some décor tips from PORCELANOSA Group firm Gamadecor to gain space and add personality to your bathroom.

It can sometimes be hard living as a couple and still having your own space – especially in smaller bathrooms and bedrooms. The secret to success lies in your décor and furniture layout, which should make it easier to use and organise your bathroom essentials – without taking up too much space.

Here are some décor tips from PORCELANOSA Group brand Gamadecor to achieve a spacious, modern and stylish shared bathroom, along with some of their ultra-practical bathroom designs.

1. Shared and independent washbasins

If you’re renovating your bathroom or planning to do it this summer, one of the main things to think about are the measurements between the various zones, and of course the particular aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. To gain a sense of breadth and order, Gamadecor recommends opting for a double washbasin with double taps. One such example is the Blind bathroom unit in Roble Alba finish. The units feature sliding blind-style doors in a design reminiscent of 1930s sideboards, with stunningly simple and symmetrical lines.

2. Wall-mounted units with open storage

If your bathroom space is limited, or you’re looking to create an en-suite in your master bedroom, wall-mounted units will give you a sense of continuity, tying the room in with the rest of your home. Adding natural fibre baskets, modular wall shelves, drawer dividers or auxiliary trolleys will make it easier for you to see all your bathroom essentials at first sight, and make the most of space whilst leaving some of it free.

3. Play with mirrors

Mirrors are an indispensable bathroom element, and you should hang them around 10-15 cm above the sink. A practical way of achieving a sense of depth between your toilet and shower area is to use two mirrors alongside each other (in the same size as the unit) or a larger one in the same position.

4. Usher in the light

If you have an exterior-facing bathroom and want to enhance your natural light, we recommend going for white or beige ceramic tile collections (Marmi China XXL or Prada White by Porcelanosa), and natural or ceramic wood flooring such as Porcelanosa’s PAR-KER®. Another trick is to keep your central area clear, placing your furnishings along the right-hand side, or fit a screen and a low profile shower tray like Butech’s Shower Deck.

If you have an interior-facing bathroom, installing LED downlights, rectangular mirrors or wall-mounted toilets such as the Vitae collection (Zaha Hadid Architects) by Noken will add a sense of space as well as character.

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