September 19, 2019


How to organise the kitchen for greater ease and efficiency

The kitchen is without doubt the area of the home where being organised pays the most dividends. With accessories, electric domestic appliances, food storage, pots and pans, spices and other ingredients there is a lot to keep under control. But the successful organisation of the kitchen is based on an intuitive and common sense approach. The first step of which is to make sure that the things we use the most are close to hand and things less seldom used occupy the farther corners.


First things first

Start by pulling everything out, giving kitchen drawers and cabinets a deep clean and then deciding on what’s worth keeping and what should be disposed of in order to rationalise kitchen storage. 

Separate or integrated pantry

Depending on available space a separate pantry should be stocked with dry goods as well as cleaning products and seldom used kitchen articles. However if pantry and kitchen are combined a few dedicated cabinets or a pull-out pantry cabinet unit is just as effective. Remember that a mobile basket storage unit for fruit and vegetables that are ideally not stored in the fridge (such as avocados and bananas) is not only practical but decorative.  


How to organise kitchen cabinets and shelves

Both cabinets and shelving should be utilised in the kitchen, a series of matching glass or metal containers for flour, salt, rice etc. can be arranged on shelves over the worktop for instance. While overhead cabinets are ideal for kitchen crockery, mugs and those items used on a daily basis. Cabinets below the worktop are better suited to baking trays, frying pans as well as heavier utensils.

Kitchen layout ideas

Kitchen configuration is key when working out rational storage organisation in the kitchen. Click here for suggestions regarding kitchen layout ideas for the home that can help with storage solutions.


The following FAQs provide a summary of the basics for kitchen organisation.

What is the best way to organize a kitchen?

Standard modern kitchens are organised around a ‘work triangle’ that includes cleaning, cooking and storage vertices. All the stored items in the kitchen should respect this organisation.

How do I organize and de-clutter my kitchen?

Start by being unsentimental and make three piles of items that can be categorised as; items to keep, to give away and to dump.

Where should things go in a kitchen? 

Always use the “how often do I use this?” as a rule of thumb to locate the different items stored in the kitchen.

What is the best way to organize a small kitchen?

Every available surface should be utilised, wall and cabinets from hanging pots from a rail to adding shelves below the cabinets.

Kitchen EMOTIONS E6.00

How can I maximize my small kitchen? 

Nowadays there is no excuse for not utilising every single square centimetre in the kitchen for clever storage. Check online or kitchen showrooms for the latest storage mechanisms and gismos.

How to organise kitchen cabinets and drawers? 

Use dividers to separate different generic items in cabinets as well as drawers. 

How to organise kitchen shelves? 

For common cooking ingredients stored on kitchen shelves try labelling jars and containers and ordering alphabetically. 

How to organise kitchen storage?

Start from scratch and order according to use, after one month reassess and make changes accordingly. 

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