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How to opt for the best taps for basins. 3rd Part: Taps as a source of saving and aesthetics

Installing the ideal tap which ticks all the right boxes regarding the requirements that our bathroom demands, turns out to be a process where functional and technical evaluation must be taken into account.

After both initial and correct planning with regard to the installation characteristics, already seen in “How to opt for the best taps for basins. 1st Part: the perfect installation for your bathroom” and the selection of performance and technology in our basin project, already seen in How to opt for the best taps for basins. 2nd Part: performance, technology and design, it is time we focused on the most visible part: the way in which water flows and the desired style for our basin.

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, offers us the solutions and products to make our bathroom taps both responsible with regard to the environment and aesthetically perfect.

How water flows: a source of saving

Achieving a reasonable use of the natural resources at home is one of the main challenges we can face. That is the reason why we must consider water as a source of life and taps as a source of saving. The former and the latter turn out to be essential principles in the process of the product design.

Ergonomic designs and aiming at achieving high standards of energy efficiency and water saving, are the latest designs and trends with regard to taps.

We can find two ways regarding how water flows:

Water flowing in cascade. Water flows with a curtain like effect, providing the bathroom with a natural experience. The main Noken taps collections offering this feature are Urban C and Nora, both of them with their corresponding Led light versions in order to achieve an even more sensory experience.

–  Water flowing by means of ECO air system. Thanks to ECO technology developed by Noken, less water and less energy consumption are achieved. By means of the process of mixing water and air, air incorporations and special jets reach up to a 50% consumption without altering the high level of shower comfort. A technique which also saves on energy since the volume of water to be heated is less.

Opting for bathroom taps: the most aesthetic source

The aesthetics of every single accessory equipping our bathroom turns out to be the most visible key in our project. Furthermore, it is crucial to get harmony and rhythm together among all the accessories present in this everyday space in any home.

Porcelanosa offers a wide range of taps which are able to meet the most demanding of tastes and the most assorted decorative styles. Minimalist, vintage or ultra-technological styles are offered, and with the possibility of being customised in high-gloss finishes, such as copper, gold or nickel.

Contemporary-styled taps. It is the par excellence style, and it fits perfectly in almost any atmosphere. Its principles are simplicity and functionality, among others highlighting some collections such as NK Concept or Hotels.

Modern-styled taps. Latest trends, innovation and freshness are applied to the bathroom design, bringing imagination and beauty together. MOOD collection, designed by the prestigious architecture studio Luis Vidal + Architects, and FORMA collection, turn out to be the challenge for this decorative style.

Vintage-styled taps. Retro designs which take us to other times, to other eras where taps had their own style and stood out because of their luxury. The most significant collections of this style are the Chelsea collection and the Imagine N collection, both of them with aesthetic reminiscences up to the end of the 19th century Belle Époque.

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