March 1, 2019 | Updated: December 12, 2019

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How to make a room look bigger

Before starting to decorate your home, there are some things you should know about colours, shapes, textures and more. The interior possibilities are endless, so that it may seem a little bit intimidating to know how to begin. That is why to follow we bring you some useful decorating tips, especially thought to make the most of your space.

Decorating with a neutral colour palette

First of all, you should take into consideration the amount of natural light that enters your house as well as the size of each room. It is vital to optimise them, striking a delicate balance between brightness and warmth. In this sense, the use of colour plays a crucial role, particularly in small places. By keeping the wall colour neutral and bright, you can make any room feel open and airy — even without a lot of windows. Therefore, you don’t need more than white walls and a touch of black, natural wood and soft greys to create an outstanding place to live and call home. This is the case of the Maison Quintric, a large house designed by the architect Julio Valiela, situated in a quiet area of the village of La Baule, in western France.

Creating an open plan living space

This extraordinary residence has a large open floor plan which is perfect for entertaining and family life. It features a spacious living area with integrated kitchen and dining room opening into the garden, which brings spaciousness and luminosity to the entire ground floor.

The choice of flooring also provides cohesion to the place.

The porcelain floor tile connects the living room with the kitchen and the dining room, improving the space and increasing the brightness of the home. Not only that, but it also gives an air of sophistication and modernity to the house with its metallic look.

Playing with different textures

When decorating a room, you should always look for ways to create an eye-catching focal point. It can be a gallery wall full of photos, an oversized sofa or a large fireplace in the heart of an open floor.

No matter what type you choose, the key is knowing how to accentuate it using different textures on walls.

In this project, the architect uses a white mosaic made of rectangular natural stone chips of differing sizes to emphasise two different areas of the house. First, for panelling the staircase providing contrast to the monochrome palette. And second, to create a feature wall in the en-suite bathroom, adding interest and energy to the room. The same happens in the secondary bathroom, where a dimensional ceramic wall tile has been chosen to cover the walls.

Increasing space with black

Some people still think that using dark colours make a room feel small, but this is not true at all. The combination of black flooring with white ceiling and walls actually makes it look bigger than it is, especially when you add a large mirror.

In this project, the brightness of the bathroom furniture and the wall tiles are in sharp contrast with the slate finish bathroom floor. The darkness and the rough texture of these black cover also provide a very personal, unique touch to this house.

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