October 27, 2021


How to design your home office to let the creativity flow

Remote working has moved our offices to our homes, opening up new horizons in design and organisation.

Given how much more remote work we're all doing, and the rise of new technologies, having a home office where you can work remotely in comfort has prompted a redesign of the main rooms in our homes. Converting a spare room or bedroom into a home office requires planning, and thinking about how you can reorganise your furniture to gain space and a sense of wellbeing. Let's take a look.

Home office design tips

The first thing you need to think about is location. Your home office should be in a bright space. Rooms with large windows, facing outside, are usually the best option for working from home.

The natural light will help you to concentrate, stay more focused on your work, and stop you from straining your eyes. To achieve this, locate your desk beneath or parallel to the window and opt for neutral tones, or white or beige ceramic wall tiles such as Cubik and Old Natural (PORCELANOSA). The sinuous, 3D forms of the tiles will add light to rooms, and the sandy tones will enhance the organic feel of your interior design. To get the coveted artisan look, place plants, boxes or jute baskets in the corners of the room to organise all your office essentials.

For a warm and elegant office space, you could go for PAR-KER® ceramic wood by PORCELANOSA. It recreates the sheen and feel of oak, but is a much more resistant alternative to natural wood. It's particularly resistant to temperature changes and continued use. Another option would be combining stone-inspired wall tiles with floor tiles in the same style (Newport Natural by PORCELANOSA), resulting in a more harmonious take on the monochrome office. If you want to keep your cables or electrics out of sight, you could opt for Butech's Pro-Skirting skirting boards, available in customised designs.

How to turn your living room into a home office

Converting your living room into an office is one of the latest trends in interior design. A long desk running along the length of the room, bookshelves or wall-mounted shelving, and Nordic style chairs or stools against auxiliary tables can give spaces a second use. PORCELANOSA brands like KRION® and L'ac use white surfaces to visually extend the dimensions of a room. This is true of KRION® Fitwall® decorative panels, featuring finishes that faithfully reproduce the look of wood, concrete, clay and textiles, and a composition that offers both flexibility and durability.

Modern furniture for your home office

Because Fitwall® sheets by KRION® come in larger formats, they work particularly well when used to clad vertical wall areas, furnishings and other equipment. You could also think about marble-inspired tables, for a more refined aesthetic and ordered space. The XTONE® sintered mineral compact by Urbatek fits this brief well, and is available in large sheets that echo the texture and veins of the stone but come with added sustainability and functionality.

If you're yearning for a classic yet modern office space, Classic 1L Chevron or Monarch parquet flooring from L'ac will allow you to zone your office space well. This flooring works especially well with the brand's Skins wallpaper, yellow or green upholstered ergonomic chairs, white drawers and metal desk lamps

Prefabricated offices with garden views

If, on the other hand, you'd rather keep your office space separate from the main hub of your home, Butech has designed transportable prefabricated Garden Offices that come with a range of amenities. Designed to be installed in gardens or terraces, the structures incorporate a ventilated façade that insulates the structure and integrates it with the overall look of your home.

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