How to design a practical and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe

The utility and functionality of this area of the home make for a pleasant and visually pleasing solution to keep things tidy

More than a decade ago, Japanese writer Marie Kondo revolutionised our preconceived notion of storage spaces with her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Now more than ever, knowing the keys to wardrobe design has become particularly relevant when it comes to achieving clean spaces.

Elements that make the difference

To design a wardrobe for a bedroom, the first thing to consider is the space available and the specific needs of the customer so the wardrobe can be arranged and laid out as ideally as possible.

With regard to the aesthetics of the wardrobe, there is a series of essential pieces that will determine the layout of the furniture, and even of the room. The finishes used, be they imitation wood, plain, stratified, matt or gloss lacquered panels, or another option, will give a classic and warm look, or an eclectic style.

The handles, despite their size, provide the finishing touch depending on their arrangement: vertical bar, aluminium or the same colour (Ultra Grey Glass Night Oak Wardrobe by Gamadecor).

The doors, whether sliding or folding, with transparent, translucent or opaque glass are decisive elements. Some glass cabinets feature LED lights inside, which enhance the visibility of the interior and help to keep things in their place. Some do not include doors, providing immediate access to the clothes.

Details to get that perfect wardrobe

The volume and types of accessories that will be kept in each area will determine the final structure of the wardrobe so the areas can be integrated correctly into the overall design. Removable baskets, shelves or even tie racks may be used as needed.

If you have suit jackets, long dresses, delicate garments or items that require special care, it will be important to combine different modules and allocate space for these clothes. The Moon Crystal Bronze Walnut Wardrobe by Gamadecor offers a variety of shelves and drawers.
Light is a vital component in the design of any wardrobe, be it modern, small or light. Lights have to be installed in the right places so the garments inside can be seen correctly.

The width, height and depth of the space available provide for different types of wardrobes: linear, U-Shaped, L-shaped or facing units. A sofa, table, island or designer divan can provide the perfect complement to the room.

In a wardrobe, every garment and accessory has its place, which makes order an easy habit to put into practice.

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