November 22, 2023


How to create the perfect reading corner for your home

Discover the key elements and designs that will help you create a warm and inviting reading corner

A reading corner is a space where your imagination can run wild, creating places, stories and characters. A space within a space. Through carefully selected lighting, wall coverings, furniture and acoustics, you can take pleasure in every page.

Whether you use a tablet or a book, a reading corner is a special space, a portal into another world. With so many distractions in our lives, a reading corner at home is essential for escaping the noise.

This article will guide you through some ideas to create the perfect reading corner. Follow our tips, step by step, for a more rewarding reading experience.

Invisible White Nature, by XTONE®, and Split Totem Dark panels, by L'Antic Colonial.

Invisible White Nature, by XTONE®, and Split Totem Dark panels, by L’Antic Colonial.

How to decorate a reading corner with real charm

These spaces are designed to help literary lovers to optimise their reading experience. Below are the 7 key elements for creating the perfect reading corner.

  • Selecting the right space. This is the first step. Choosing a quiet space, away from noise and distractions, is essential. Later on, we’ll tell you about the different spaces that can be used for a reading corner.
  • Natural and artificial lighting. Try to set up your corner near a window, in order to benefit from natural light. Don’t forget to add a lamp with warm light, for reading as the sun goes down.
  • Comfortable furniture. An armchair, a small sofa or a puff is an excellent choice. Read on to find out about the different possibilities and discover which one best suits your style. Adding a table will create an additional surface for your glasses, book or coffee.
  • Storage. There are a range of different types: bookcases, built-in shelves, floating shelves or floor to ceiling shelving. This will ensure that you always have your favourite books to hand, while decorative baskets or boxes will help keep things tidy.
  • Décor and colours. Blue, green or earth tones create a calming atmosphere. Add pictures, cushions or blankets to give your reading corner personality and warmth.
  • Connection to nature. Set up your reading corner next to a window with views of the garden or surrounded by plants.
  • Materials. A mix of designs, colours and shapes on floors and walls is key. Your desired ambiance can be achieved through thoughtful interior design.
  • Personalisation. Don’t forget to personalise your reading corner according to your tastes. Include details that reflect your hobbies, as well as family photos or travel souvenirs.

Reading corner with Deco Image White tiles and Image White floor tiles, by Porcelanosa.

Reading corner with Deco Image White tiles and Image White floor tiles, by Porcelanosa.

The best locations for a reading corner at home

When we’re settling down with a book, concentration is key. Peace and calm are essential, and not all rooms are suitable for a reading corner. However, through the use of décor, we can transform spaces in the home into a haven of peace. The following spaces are ideal for creating a reading area in your home:

(1) Living room reading corner with Skins Pattern Ficus Coal wallpaper, by L’Antic Colonial.
(2) Reading corner decorated with Lutier 1L floor tiles and Gravity Aluminium Dubai Gold wall tiles, all by L’Antic Colonial.

Living room: a living room reading corner can be an independent area or a defined zone within the space.

Under the stairs: this will vary depending on the design you have. The space under the stairs can be perfect for creating reading corners with a lovely charm. This option also allows you to use an area that is not normally functional.

Landing: you can place a seat or comfortable armchair in the middle of a landing or hallway. It all depends on the size of the area. The result: an original space, with a decorative and functional focus.

Bedroom: this may be the perfect space in the home for a reading corner. Complete silence is guaranteed. All you need to do is set up an armchair and a lamp, as bedroom reading is usually enjoyed in the evening.

In the open air: on a terrace, on a porch, in a hammock or on a garden bench. These spaces provide the quiet you need to read.

Study: if you already have an office or study area at home, you just need to add a comfortable armchair. You will then have a space with a dual functionality.

Space with Skins Art Sunrise Emerald wallpaper and Advance 1L Nude flooring, all by L'Antic Colonial.
Space with Skins Art Sunrise Emerald wallpaper and Advance 1L Nude flooring, all by L’Antic Colonial.

Create a distinctive corner with a decorative wall

Reading corner with Par-Ker® Noa Tanzania and Tanzania Almond flooring.
Reading corner with Par-Ker® Noa Tanzania and Tanzania Almond flooring.

To decorate a reading corner, you need to frame it in a space. The aim is to differentiate the area by giving it its own character, while at the same time blending the corner into the room’s general style.

It’s all about finding a balance. This is achieved mainly through finishes on floors and walls. Textiles and accessories will also highlight the atmosphere that has been created as a whole.

Fabric, wallpaper and ceramics are the best wall options for absorbing sound in reading corners. Choose neutral tones, which are more relaxing for the eyes, and easier to pair with the other elements. Don’t forget to add textures or prints for a more original touch.

Accessories can involve bolder colours. Remember that carpets, curtains, cushions and puffs are another way of absorbing sound inside and around a reading corner. You will definitely notice the difference.

If you opt for artwork, you can enjoy a more personalised atmosphere. On the other hand, tables and floor lamps add a functional touch to a reading corner.

Optimise lighting for reading

(1) XLIGHT Oxide Brown and Par-ker® Nobu Roble, by Porcelanosa.
(2) Living room reading corner with XTONE® Marquina Black.

Natural light is the golden rule for a reading corner. It is a fundamental element for creating a warm space. Whenever you can, place the chair close to a window, as we advise in the first section of this article.

In addition to natural light, an artificial light source is also important. Reading lights come in all different shapes and sizes. A table or floor lamp, or a wall lamp placed at a suitable height on the nearest wall, are an excellent choice. Choose one that is best suited to creating a cosy and inviting space, and that will project the light onto the page, avoiding shadows.

Optometrists advise looking up and taking your eyes off the page every so often when reading. To do this, it is advised to focus your eyes on the middle distance. Proper lighting will help to keep tired eyes at bay.

Comfort for perfect reading

Seats must allow you to remain comfortable for long, uninterrupted periods. Therefore, comfort is highly important in a living room reading corner, or in any other room. Think carefully about your needs and tastes, and choose the best armchair or sofa for you.

Interior spaces

Some seat designs work better than others. For example, a wingback armchair is a great choice for indoor spaces. Another alternative is a sofa with a high backrest or a chaise longue. These options are well suited to a living room reading corner.

(1) Room with Stripes Ganges sofa and Palio XTONE® Fiori di Bosco Nature tables, all by Gamadecor.
(2) Reading corner with Wings Turia armchair and Equis XTONE® Liem Dark table, all by Gamadecor.

Outdoor spaces

Although it’s currently the middle of winter, reading a book or magazine accompanied by a soft breeze is a pleasant experience. Therefore, we have curated a selection of the best furniture for terraces and outdoor spaces.

-Wicker or rattan armchairs and sofas. These materials are weatherproof. They have a natural look that blends well into these spaces. They are also light and easy to move.

-Aluminium or stainless steel furniture. They are durable and corrosion resistant. They are characterised by their lightweight design and easy maintenance.

-Recliners or rocking chairs. Make sure they are made from weatherproof materials.

-Hammocks. They are an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. They offer a relaxing and comfortable way to enjoy the fresh air. Make sure you take care of your hammock during winter months to prolong its life.

To make sure that your reading time is enjoyable, add an umbrella or awning to protect the furniture.

In essence, reading corner interior design is an art that combines functionality with aesthetics to create spaces that encourage concentration and relaxation. These spaces are designed to be peaceful and disconnected.

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