October 17, 2019

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How to clean porcelain tiles

There’s a certain satisfaction after tidying and cleaning the home, a sensation of establishing order, albeit briefly. Making sure surfaces are all clean and hygienic should be a part of a weekly house keeping routine. Specific surfaces however require particular attention in order to remain in optimum condition and to retain their lustre. Porcelain tiles are a case in point, depending on whether you have polished or glazed, unpolished or unglazed porcelain tiles or textured tiles different approaches are recommended. Below we provide a step by step routine for how to clean porcelain floor tiles. Both how to clean porcelain bathroom tiles and how to clean high gloss porcelain tiles.

  • Get rid of all dust

The best way to clean porcelain tiles is to start by removing the dust. Use a dry dust mop or vacuum cleaner. Another option is the micro-fibre mop. Make sure to clean into the corners and between the tiles. This is a preliminary step for a deeper cleaning.

  • Localised cleaning

Use a soft nylon brush for localised stains together with warm water, clean in a circular motion. Avoid using the brush on any dry areas as it can scratch the tiles. 

  • How to clean high gloss porcelain tiles 

A cleaning solution with a mop will be required for removing stains. Use the appropriate commercial or a home made solution (a quarter cup of white vinegar diluted in 7 or 8 litres of water).  Mop once and leave for 5 minutes then mop again and clean off the solution. Tip: For coffee stains use baking powder and dampen with a cloth.

  • Mopping with a cleaning solution and hot water

Finish off by mopping with a floor cleaner, a mild solution which will not damage glazed or polished tiles. Finish off with hot water only before the cleaning solution has completely dried.

  • Final drying and buffing

The last step is to dry with a micro-fibre cloth or a clean towel and buff to as shine with a cheesecloth or other fabric.

  • The correct cleaning of the Urbatek tile range

The Urbatek porcelain tile is an ultra resistant tile that is suitable for public spaces and high-end interiors. With proper maintenance Urbatek flooring can retain its lustre over its entire lifespan. The secret to the correct maintenance is to catch stains early, within a 24 hour period if possible. But even if 24 hours has elapsed then there are easy solutions.

  • The Parker

The Starwood and PAR-KER wood effect porcelain tiles have their own cleaning regime which is guaranteed (if properly followed) to preserve the qualities that make these tiles unique. Limited porosity, hard wearing and durable meaning they are highly resistant to stains.

  • Cleaning textured porcelain tiles

Textured tiles require more maintenance than smooth tiles. Follow the steps as outlined previously but more clean more often, mop and scrub daily. A soft nylon brush should be used on the flooring after the cleaning solution has been left for 10 minutes approx.

  • The best mop for tiles

The traditional mop and bucket is hard to improve upon but for tech fans there is the electronic spin mop or the steam mop which will make life easier when it comes to cleaning porcelain tile floors. 


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