March 7, 2019 | Updated: January 15, 2020

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How to Build a Walk in Shower

The contemporary bathroom is a refuge from the stresses and strains of 21st Century life, an elemental place where we can replenish the physical and the mental through contact with Water a substance which the ancient Greeks considered (together with Earth, Air and Fire) to be at the very essence of all known materials. Water is not only fundamental to our wellbeing and good health but essential to life itself. Indoor plumbing is nevertheless a relatively recent phenomenon, barely a century old in terms of its integration with the evolution of the modern home. One of the most attractive and celebrated features of bathrooms nowadays is the walk in shower, an installation that requires specific planning related to drainage and floor levels, but one with the potential to convert the humble bathroom into a home Spa.

How to create a walk in shower

When it comes to how to design a walk in shower ideally it is done before the construction of the property or the bathroom itself, the reason being that in order to provide a continuous floor level the shower drainage must be taken into account and successfully resolved. There must be a sufficient gradient or slope available within the area of the shower to ensure efficient water runoff and below floor level to connect with the waste water disposal system. This can be achieved with a shower tray, normally an off-the-shelf product or a custom made shower installation where the floor tiles are laid in such a way to direct the water to the shower drain.

For existing situations

For an existing bathroom scenario the resolution of the floor level is essential, a building professional will advise on how to install a walk in shower regarding the works required to achieve the required levels and drainage provisions.

Establishing the layout of the walk in shower

Once the drainage issue is resolved the next step is to decide on the optimum layout for the walk in shower depending on the space available, whether a free-standing, corner or L shaped configuration is the most appropriate. When deciding on how to make a walk in shower the shower screen plays a critical role and typically is closely integrated with a tile up-stand or lip that ensures water is contained within the walk in shower area.

Shower accessories

Once all these technical and layout considerations are pinned down the fun part can begin, deciding upon the type of shower head and sanitary ware accessories when considering how to install a walk in shower, the range and variety of shower related products includes rain effect, waterfall and water jet body massage installations while special effects like the integration of Led lighting is becoming increasingly popular. All of which makes that precious time spent in the bathroom a truly replenishing experience.

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