August 27, 2021


La Place, a designer hotel in the heart of Rome

Located just metres from the stunning Basilica San Lorenzo in Lucina in the Tridente area, each and every one of this hotel's premium rooms are home to a piece of the city's history.

Hotel La Place - one of the city's best-kept secrets, rises from the structure of an old Renaissance palace dating back to the 1600s.

Designed and decorated by studio Ceccaroli, collections by PORCELANOSA Group (special mention at the international Liv Hospitality Design Awards 2020) feature throughout the hotel's premium rooms, skilfully blending the classic with the modern through velvety textures, works of art, warm lighting and smooth, billowing curtains.

The new Roman design

The terrace offers one of the best views of the Plaza de San Lorenzo in Lucina, home to the church of the same name. The hotel's interior design showcases a bust of Gabriele Fonseca by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and works by Guido Reni, and an over-arching welcoming design runs through the various rooms. The common areas share the same aesthetic line as the bedrooms and main bathrooms, with L'ac AC5 Cross Chevron Grey laminate flooring used throughout to bring them together. These pieces bolster the concept of a unified hotel, where the space creates a dialogue with customers through their own experiences.

The bathrooms have been designed to be open to the bedrooms, free from walls or partitions. They stand out for their welcoming yet sophisticated feel, echoing the glorious past of the Roman Empire: Sochi Marfil Pulido porcelain tiles by Porcelanosa have been used to adorn the walls, and the Nairobi Grey natural marble by L'ac gives a nod to the temples of Emperor Augustus. Built in stone and jasper with arabesques, vestiges of these temples were testament to his power and are still dotted around the city today. The Magma Black floor tiles by Porcelanosa provide a fitting update to this ancient past, as do the Gravity Aluminium Hexagon Gold wall tiles by L'ac - with a metallic sheen that picks up every glimmer of light, and the Lounge taps - designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli exclusively for Noken.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Studio Ceccaroli

Interior design: Studio Ceccaroli

Developer: IG 2.0

Photo: Max Littera

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