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Homes with a view

Whatever the style of house we live in, the one thing that all have in common is a connection with the outdoors, through windows and doors. Not just to provide access and allow light in but to create a sense of release and allow us contemplate our surroundings. Since the invention of glass the window has fascinated architects and designers. Homes with amazing views over beautiful landscapes, streetscapes, parks or squares are highly valued. In fact having a good view is one of the key motivations for building a home on a specific site. At their very core houses with a view connect us back to nature. Homes with an ocean view or mountain homes with a view are the gold standard when it comes to views. But even a semi-detached house in a regular cul-de-sac can create pleasing views with the help of landscaping and gardens.

Changing views

The possibility of contemplating the world around us on a daily basis is tantalising.  Something that should never be underestimated in terms of its contribution to our wellbeing. A view is not a stagnant thing but rather a living work of art. One that is constantly changing and shifting over the course of the day and the year with the angle of sun as the seasons change.

Rooms with views over gardens

Even for houses in suburban situations the garden or terrace area can provide the raw material to create beautiful views. With the help of landscaping and choosing the right species bucolic vistas can be created. For townhouses with a view of the street planting can help soften the vista on a balcony or simply installaing flower boxes for a regular window. Establishing a relationship with the outside from the main living areas of the home will transform the experience of living there. A living room with panoramic views can become the focal point in a home around which everything else revolves.

Views and locations

Taking advantage of the view depends on what the view is like, houses with a sea view for instance will require protection from winds and storms. The layout of town houses should where possible include a balcony with planting, for suburban housing the garden is crucial. Houses in the countryside on the other hand should compromise between orientation and the views available with bedrooms ideally facing east and living areas facing west.

Optimising views from different rooms in the home

How a home and its rooms are organised should take the positions of windows and the views from them into account. Different types of doors also afford views from interior spaces. The kitchen worktop generally is provided with a window, normally over the sink. This simple gesture facilitates kitchen tasks and lends a sense of connection with the outdoors. For dining areas having a table with views is the next best thing to dining al fresco, when food always tastes better. The bathroom is also an opportunity to bring nature into the home via a view to the garden or over the immediate landscape. Place a bathtub or shower next to a floor to ceiling window (bearing in mind possible exposure) to convert the bathroom into a luxurious Spa. And of course waking up by drawing back the bedroom curtains and revealing a view is the ultimate way to start the day.

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