24 March 2021


Porcelanosa's essentials for an industrial style home

This interior design style has become increasingly popular in recent years. It champions open spaces, exposed brick walls, metal and glass furniture and grey hues.

The industrial style décor has won over interior designers. The style has its roots in the industrial warehouses of New York in the 1950s, and is defined by the way it incorporates construction materials into the décor itself, exposing brick walls, pipes and beams and complementing them with bar style metal tables, tweed rugs, wooden furniture, concrete tiles, leather armchairs and wrought iron lighting.

Here are some design ideas so you can give your home an industrial interior look, inspired by PORCELANOSA Group collections.



1. Industrial style bathrooms

Sensor industrial style bathrooms combine simple lines with countertop washbasins, rectangular mirrors and modular wood furniture. This bathroom, featuring an XTONE® Oxide Grey Nature washbasin and Ewood Camel Nature countertop is a prime example. The unified design has grey floor tiles that join to the wall tiles, and would also go perfectly with Noken collections such as their Round taps and Arquitect sinks in a black finish.

2. Industrial style wall tiles

Grey mosaics or wall tiles with a concrete look also pair well with this style, such as Micro-Stuk Grey Fine by Butech or Retro Blanco ceramic tiles by L'AC. The pieces in this latter range go well with black worktops, furniture with sliding doors, black wall mirrors or pendant lighting.

Industrial style wall tiles
Fitwall Arco Grey Sand Krion®
Industrial style wall tiles
Fitwall Wave Grey Sand
Industrial style wall tiles
Fitwall Wave White Sand
Industrial style wall tiles
Fitwall Arco White Sand Krion®
Industrial style wall tiles
Fitwall Arco Grey Sand Krion®

3. Black industrial kitchens

The most popular shades in industrial kitchens include grey, white, navy blue, black and brown, all of which work beautifully with metal bar stools, solid wood tables and granite worktops. An aesthetic line shared by industrial style kitchens E9.30 XTONE® Liem Black Nature by Gamadecor and E7.30 Roble Noche, with a monochrome wood design incorporating the hob into the worktop broadens the sense of space through the use of bulb pendant lighting.

black industrial kitchen
LIEM DARK POL. (S/R) 154 X 324 (20) (A)

E9.30 Xtone Liem Black Nature + E7.30 Roble Noche Gamadecor 

4. Industrial style lofts

This style was born in the lofts of New York, in the city's abandoned industrial units and warehouses. This was where many of the elements we associate with this type of interior design style first emerged (high ceilings, iron beams and exposed brick walls), which are still used today.

E7 Roble Noche wardrobe + Cristal Ultra Grey Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Delaware Natural (PAR-KER®)

This apartment is a prime example, with a bedroom linked to the dining room with Delaware Natural ceramic parquet flooring (PAR-KER®) combined with Sochi Blanco Pulido wall tiles and the E7 Roble Noche Cristal Ultra Grey wardrobe by Gamadecor.

The large windows, grey hued textiles and wood furnishings are the finishing touches for this functional and chic bedroom.

GAP Gamadecor Porcelanosa bathroom furniture

5. Industrial living room décor

Your best bet for achieving the industrial look in your living room is to choose your flooring and wall tiles well. You could go for large format floor tiles with a concrete finish such as the Berna Acero collection by Porcelanosa (Highker®) or Monarch 1L parquet flooring, available in various shades: María, Catalina, Isabel, Victoria and Diana. This flooring, in combination with your chosen furniture and a wall tile such as Mosaico World Amsterdam Brick Beige will turn your living room into a design icon.

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