August 27, 2020

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Home décor trends for 2020

Now that we are more than half-way through the year it’s a good time to take stock and re-evaluate the trends that have been guiding interior design so far in 2020. 

And what a year it has been! Observers agree that the Covid-19 pandemic will radically alter our future working, socialising and living conditions. Home décor has also been affected, through this article we look at home decor trends of 2020, so far. We’ll list 20 separate emerging trends that cover everything from home decor colour trends of 2020 to home fashion trends of 2020. Now that we are spending more time at home than ever before it’s time to get the creative juices flowing.

20 best home décor trends in 2020

#01. The home is the new office

At its most basic the kitchen table can become a home office if push comes to shove. But now that it looks like this trend is here to stay then we need to get serious about creating a calm and comfortable work space in the home. Posture, planting and good furniture are the keys to this world altering trend of 2020.

berna grey

#02. Clever storage solutions

Zen is achievable through home décor when order is considered as an integrated element of the home layout. Order only works however if there is sufficient storage space, so far the trends for 2020 with regards to storage include hidden kitchen storage, separate dressing rooms and walk-in closets, shelving as decorative feature, furniture with integrated storage, etc.


#03. Going greener

The contribution of potted plants to the air quality and overall sense of calm in the home can never be overestimated. In 2020 this trend is being underlined with nature inspired prints, fabrics and decorative objects. It’s all about bringing more nature into the home.


#04. Eco friendly décor

During lockdown we fell in love with birdsong and fresh air all over again. Sustainability is no longer pie in the sky, but tangible and achievable. In fact, there are countless tips so that any home can become an eco-home. Biophilic design, paraffin fireplaces, natural materials are having a moment in 2020.

TONO Collection by Noken

#05. Fun with bathroom décor

The bathroom is suddenly not a place where we rush through in the morning on our way to breakfast, our new found freedom from the weekly commute means we can luxuriate in showers (preferably rain) and pamper ourselves like never before.


#06. Dramatic living room décor

Plush fabrics, strong colours, metallic accents and feature accessories are part of a growing trend that celebrates making the most of every moment in life. Layering different styles, old and new, industrial and rustic, the story behind each choice is what counts.

#07. Upcycling is the new recycling

Otherwise know as making the most of what’s available. The idea of cutting down on waste and purchasing less is a firm fixture on the home décor scene, restore a family heirloom, give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life, repurpose a sideboard. The important thing is to do it yourself and customise the piece to suit your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

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#08. Wall to wall colour

Perhaps it’s the spectre of death and plague that has encouraged designers to be more daring with colour and but whatever the reason colour is everywhere. And it’s not just confined to the walls, ceilings and flooring are part of the enhanced canvas for adding more colour to our interiors in 2020.


#09. Imitation materials

Be it concrete, natural stone and marble or wood finishes technology provides us with the look but without the hassle of maintenance. Wall cladding, flooring, kitchen worktops and bathroom shower cubicles can benefit from the texture and look of natural materials but without the environmental impact.

#10. Technology has its place 

Zoom conference calls, Netflix and WiFi connections there’s no doubt that without our internet connection life in lockdown and beyond would not be possible. However technology free areas are also making their presence felt; book shelves, dining tables and tech-free bedrooms are all the rage in 2020.

EWOOD CAMEL 150×300 / ARIA WHITE 150×300

#11. Make versatile kitchen island

There was a time when the breakfast bar was ubiquitous, an extension of the kitchen island. Now however kitchen dining is happening at table height cantilevered worktops. With a resurgence in gathering together for meals, this time at the kitchen island but just lower down.


#12. Water and hygiene

The sensor controlled sanitary fittings and hands free soap dispenser are suddenly everywhere in 2020. And with good reason. As well as social distancing and wearing a mask hand washing is the single most effective way of keeping healthy for all the family.


#13. Sanitary fittings combined with bathroom accessories

The bath, the shower and the wash hand basin together with judiciously selected pieces of furniture are turning the bathroom into a proper room in the home. This is also reflected by mosaic tiling, metallic accents, mix and match wall finishes as well as decorative objects and art works.


#14. Multi-purpose rooms

With the home office and home schooling we have never asked so much of our homes as we have during lockdown. Providing the conditions for different activities to be carried out simultaneously within the same space is a 2020 phenomenon. Combine elements of furniture and storage for a more versatile room. 


#15. A good night’s sleep

The bedroom is a sacred place in 2020, a place of wellness and a refuge from stressing about what the future holds. A good quality mattress and calming surroundings are more appreciated this year than ever before.

#16. Classical harmony and balance

During times of upheaval we tend to revert to what we are familiar with. This year so far there has been a resurgence in Art Deco and all things classical, defined by symmetry and balance combined with clean lines and classic proportions. 

#17. Connecting indoors and outdoors

Even if it’s just a window box or a ‘Juliet balcony’ the outdoors is making resurgence in 2020. And it’s no wonder given that the garden is the safest place to be right now.


#18. Air quality and good ventilation

Indoor ventilation and air quality in the home is increasingly being appreciated as part of our wellness and healthy lifestyles. Adequate wall vents, window trickle vents, plants, and humidifiers are all part of this trend.

#19. The never ending possibilities of light

If there is one single trend in 2020 that will forever alter the home it has to be lighting, both the artificial and the natural kind. Painted reveals decorative window treatments, carefully combined floor, wall and table lamps are all trending this year.


#20. Customised interiors is the biggest emerging trend of 2020

More than ever before 2020 is responsible for putting a new focus on our homes, on customising our spaces so that we can work, socialise, learn and live in our own particular way. Unique to us and our family and friends or just us.

FAQs regarding home décor trends

Earthy tones, coral, classic blue and black are all having a moment in 2020.

A more individualistic combination of styles and decorative pieces is marking a trend right now all over the home. In kitchens, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Between the ‘new normal’ and the ‘second wave’ who knows. However in the meantime we can dream about less time spend commuting and more time spent nesting. 

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