February 24, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019


High-Tech: high technology in ceramic floors and wall tiles

PORCELANOSA Grupo confirms its position as a world leader in the manufacturing of ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles, by means of innovation, avant-garde design and high technology, thus, achieving the versatility in its ceramic products and materials, and providing them with elegance, exclusivity and cutting-edge design.

Positioned towards state-of-the-art technical production, the visible surface of the ceramic High-Tech is shaped on the basis of mineral elements with a high decorative value. These materials are chosen by the following three features: colour, brightness and appearance, while being precisely prepared for all ceramic models.

Like little elements isolated from the material, each particle can be found mixed equally, just like it happens in nature, so that on a small scale, each piece, although it looks similar is different. By controlling the proportionality of the mixture and by making it compact, an absolute homogeneous mineral material which can be designed and customised is achieved.

Among the range of effects to be achieved, we can find: veining, fossils or shading, and also gradient, gloss or matte. All of them are applied on the mineral base by making use of advanced productive techniques.

Last, but not less important, it is worth highlighting the baking process of the ceramic products, where the whole material is fused, thus, achieving a high compaction. The result obtained, after both difficult and careful work, are pieces with a unique, optimal and high natural finish.

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