October 17, 2022


How to hang your bathroom mirror at the right height

When you're positioning this everyday bathroom accessory, the height of the people using it is your main concern

Whether you go for one with or without a frame, one with polished edges, or a backlit design (Moon, by Krion®), this is an accessory guaranteed to make your room feel brighter and more spacious. Mirrors are unique pieces which you can choose to suit your bathroom style, improving the look and functionality of your space.

Putting on make-up, shaving, brushing your hair. Just some of the daily beauty or self-care rituals that absolutely require a mirror. Our bathrooms have become a prized part of the home, with every detail thought through to provide the ultimate in wellness and comfort. Here are some tips from PORCELANOSA Group to make sure you get your bathroom mirror height spot on:

  • The mirror should be hung at eye level, somewhere between 160 and 170 centimetres high. Plus, you should also think about any younger ones in the house who use the room - they need to be able to see it as well. When you look in the mirror, you need to be able to see at least your head and upper torso.
  • The distance between the mirror and the top of the washbasin should be 30 centimetres. It shouldn't ever be more than 35 centimetres above. Plus, it should be 15 centimetres away from the taps. If it's too close to the washbasin, it's going to get covered in splashes. We recommend avoiding any contact with water as moisture can damage the mirror.
  • The upper part of the mirror should be 2 metres above floor level. Of course this may vary depending on the mirror design. You should make sure the mirror is large and high enough for taller people to use it. This makes a portrait mirror a great choice (Motif, by L'Antic Colonial).
  • The length of the mirror should be the same as the washbasin; whether the basin is a pedestal or fitted sink. Using the same dimensions will give it design appeal - and add to the usability. In this sense, a landscape style mirror works best (Tono model, by Noken). If space is limited in your bathroom, a larger mirror will lend a sense of luminosity to the space; making it feel more spacious.

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