12 August 2020 | Updated: 26 November 2020


Harinus: sweet success

With ten shops in Ibiza's best locations and a modern interior design featuring PORCELANOSA Group collections, the patisserie is now one of the island's most iconic businesses.


The history of Harinus began when Toni Riera was living in Barcelona. "I'd just finished my studies and had started working in a large bakery company with more than 200 shops. It was then that the idea came to me to set up somewhere that would pull together the different philosophies of Starbucks, a traditional patisserie and a fruit juice bar, in Ibiza, the island I'm from. And thus Harinus was born. We've just opened our tenth branch in the heart of Ibiza" said the business owner.


The façades at Harinus feature the Dayton Ash collection by Porcelanosa in ash (Ceniza), a new take on traditional Ibizan style.

The latest Harinus branch is strategically locatedvery close to the renovated Hotel Puerto, which Riera also owns. It's now home to Teatro Ibiza theatre, with daily performances from the team that used to run the iconic Café Pereyra. 

Harinus is distinctly characterised by open-plan spaces, a mellow, modern interior design and the highest quality flooring, wall tiles and bars thanks to PORCELANOSA Group collections.

Display case featuring Noa Tanzania Almond by Porcelanosa.

The waiting staff are a young, well-trained team who cater to the needs of its incredibly diverse clientele, from visiting tourists to office staff picking up their daily breakfast or snacks, to young mums with their children, chatting with their friends and enjoying an "Antoñito" (an Ibizan version of "Monolitos") and a fruit juice. In the evenings couples of all ages arrive to enjoy the slow life Ibiza has to offer. The 10 Harinus branches on the island are open from seven in the morning to nine in the evening, 365 days a year. 


Bottega White flooring in 120 cm x 120 cm format from Porcelanosa. This collection stands out for its excellent resistance to heavy footfall, soft texture and invisible joints, sealed with Epotech Silver by Butech.

"Harinus belongs to the island and to the people who live or visit there"

When we asked whether he's planning to export the business concept to other locations in Spain, Riera confesses that he believes "Harinus is a concept that should stay solely in Ibiza. It belongs to the island and to the people who live or visit there. What we do however, is provide significant consultancy work outside of the island.

We adapt our Harinus business and culinary guidelines to customers who want to open their own establishments. We equip them with the know-how and they take theirown brands forward".

Basalt Anthracite and Basalt Decor ceramic tiles from L'Antic Colonial, featuring a cement pattern inspired by volcanic stone, have been used for the counter and columns.

But what's the secret ingredient in Harinus' recipe for success? We've already mentioned their open-plan, serene premises, with great décor and lighting making them the perfect place to spend some time. "The product is key. there's no point having a nice place if what you serve isn't up to scratch. We've got two bakeries, one for bread and one for pastries, which produce the majority of what we sell across our Harinus branches. In fact, one of the branches has an oven on-site, so people can see how the bread and pastries are made. We've also got the production capacity in our bakeries to supply external customers. And, of course, you can buy whatever you want from our Harinus branches to take home" 


The custom-made flooring is the result of laser fusing the Bottega White design with the Basalt Decor collection.

Young entrepreneur Toni Riera has achieved great success with Harinus, hatching a great idea and nurturing it with excellent customer service, good prices, attractive premises and - of course - irresistible products.   


Interview: Sandra del Río.

Images: Álex Del Río.

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