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Tiles for the hallway: which options are best?

The entrance hall is typically the first impression of the home’s interior but can often be an under-appreciated part of the house. A well-designed hallway and carefully chosen finishes can set the tone for the rest of the house.

Choosing finishes that can be easily maintained as well as making a strong visual impact is, without doubt, the most important thing to get right in terms of its décor.

The beautiful surviving houses of different historical periods stand testament to this approach; whether it’s the black and white stone tiles and dado rails favoured by the Georgians in their hallways or the colourful cement tiles beloved of the Victorians, these entrances ooze character.

We have put together advice on how to create a stunning hallway design with hallway tile ideas that will not only sand the test of time but are easy to maintain, are scuff proof and provide a real welcome home.


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The Barcelona collection is ideal for adding a unique touch to your hallway.


Decorating the hallway: things to keep in mind

As the entrance to the house, the hallway is directly accessed from the outside and usually leads off to the other main rooms of the house and the stairs. While its décor should be representative of the rest of the property and can be used to make a stylish first impression, it is important to remember the practical uses for the space.

When choosing flooring and wall finishes, you should take into consideration the type of material and if they are safe to withstand a lot of traffic and heavy usage. This is what makes hallway floor and wall tiles one of the best choices for hallway designs, as they are easy to maintain and very durable.

Hallway design ideas should also consider features of the space such as how large it is, if there is any natural light, and the need for furniture. With such a wide range of designs and textures, tile flooring and walls can complement any space and help to offset features such as if it is a dark space or a smaller entrance hall.


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Discover the Bottega collection, a versatile series that can be used in a variety of settings, including hallways.


Bottega White 120X120
Bottega White 120X120


Spiga Bottega White 45X120
Spiga Bottega White 45X120

Choosing the right finishes to make life simpler

The Holy Grail of hallway flooring and wall finishes is choosing options that provide great looks and easy maintenance. Deliveries, foot traffic, and the hustle and bustle of life can put the hallway under pressure in terms of its décor.

Keeping the hallway clean and free of the damage caused by wear and tear is important. This is helped enormously by avoiding finishes like natural stone or timber floorboards simply because in our busy lives we might not have time to dedicate to keeping up their maintenance. When realising our design dreams, no one wants the disappointment of discoloured floors or scuffed walls in their entranceway.

Tiles for the hallway are an excellent choice because there are numerous colours and designs to choose from for walls and floors. For both small hallways and more spacious entrance halls, tiles can complement any design scheme and create a welcoming atmosphere. Flooring and wall tiles are compatible with a wide range of other features such as under-floor heating in the hallway or an in-laid entry mat to help keep the space clean.


Pros using hallway tiles:

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning 
  • Fantastic looks, from the traditional to the avant-garde 
  • Resistance to traffic and durability 
  • The sheer range of materials and design options 
  • Value for money, excellent choice across the price brackets 
  • Simple to customise for a more designer décor 
  • Easy to install 

Also, in case of damage, the tiled floor or wall can simply be repaired without affecting the overall look of the hallway. 


The best materials for hallway floor & wall tiles

Depending on the design and layout of your home certain materials will be more appropriate than others for the tiled hallway. A contemporary style home might be best served by porcelain or ceramic tiles in the hallway, while a period style home might benefit from a laminate floor finish. For a hallway in a rural setting, vinyl flooring is the best option, as it can withstand pretty much anything.

The following material categories broadly cover the recommended finishes that will provide the best results when choosing tiles for the hallway.


The best wall tiles for the hallway

Wall tiles will protect surfaces from scuffs and scratches as well as provide a decorative finish. There are two recommended materials to achieve the optimum results in the hallway: ceramic and vinyl.


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Discover the Bottega collection, a versatile series that can be used in a variety of settings, including hallways.


Prada Acero 120×120


Mosaico Prada Acero 45X120
Mosaico Prada Acero 45X120 (Available in-store)

Ceramic tiles for the hallway

  • The low porosity and range of glazed and unglazed ceramic wall tiles make them easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wide range of patterned tiles and tiles that recreate the effect of other materials. Get the look of timber, marble, or cement without the upkeep.  
  • Ceramic tiles are hardwearing and will protect walls where it’s needed most in the hallway.


Vinyl tiles for the hallway

  • Vinyl wall tiles are practically indestructible and are great for withstanding impact which is a great advantage in hallways.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are made easy with vinyl. A wipe from a damp cloth is normally enough to keep your hallway looking brand new.

The best floor tiles for the hallway

Flooring in the hallway must be hardwearing and withstand regular cleaning as well as looking good. This is why tile flooring is a great choice for the hallway. The recommended materials are porcelain, laminate, and vinylThese are all available in dark and patterned options, which are best for minimal upkeep, while light, muted colours or black make a statement, they need more care.


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Visit your local Porcelanosa store to see our entire selection of wood-effect tiles.


Devon Riviera 29.4X180
Devon Riviera 29.4X180 (Available in-store)

Porcelain tiles for hallway flooring

  • Porcelain is an extremely hard-wearing but lightweight material making it an ideal finish for hallways.
  • For larger hallways with several rooms opening off, where visual impact and good looks are important, the range of porcelain floor tiles is unmatched. The larger format tiles with minimal joints create a continuous flooring effect.
  • The larger format tiles with minimal joints create a continuous flooring effect that can elongate a small hallway or make a harmonious design. 
  • The range of effects offers many decorative options; timber-effect porcelain tiles will add warmth while cement effect porcelain tiles recreate a loft or industrial feel.
  • Non-slip porcelain floor tiles are highly recommended in hallways given that the hall is where we come in from the outside and liable to get damp and wet.


Use the same tile to make a perimeter skirting, which protects the walls in the hallway and provides a neat detail.

Vinyl floor tiles for hallways

  • This revolutionary material is practically indestructible and for that reason, its application in hallways with a lot of traffic is recommended.
  • The wide range of vinyl tiles is eye-opening, with colours, textures, and sizes that will give flight to the imagination. The different effects available include timber, stone, and marble. Textured and patterned vinyl floor tiles have a more contemporary feel and will also last for decades.
  • Thanks to their low weight and high tech manufacture the laying of vinyl tiles is easy and doesn’t require specialist installation.
  • Vinyl tiles in hallways are especially recommended for homes where children and pets are on the loose

Laminate floor tiles for hallways

  • For the look and sensation of timber but with a harder wearing finish, there is nothing like laminate floor tiles. For more traditional looks in hallways and corridors with other timber elements (such as doors or furniture), laminate floor tiles are particularly suitable. 
  • Thanks to the composite nature of laminate flooring, with a series of materials compressed together and an embellished upper layer that looks like timber, laminate flooring is the best choice for heavy traffic areas like the hallway.
  • Maintenance of laminate floor tiles is much more straightforward than traditional timber. Simply using a floor mop regularly will be sufficient to keep it in pristine condition.


For corridor type entrance halls, lay the laminate parallel to the main axis of the hall.

Advice on choosing

hallway tiles

For advice on choosing hallway tiles please contact our Customer Service team (by calling 01923 656777 or emailing online.store@porcelanosa.com) or order your free tile samples today.

You can also contact your nearest store – contact details can be found on our showroom locator page. We’ll be delighted to help.

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