January 9, 2020

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Hallway ideas for making the most of an important space in the home

The threshold is a sacred place in many cultures and marks the transition between indoors and outdoors. Between the outside public world and the inner sanctum of the private space. Generally speaking the front door or more formal entrance to a house leads to the entrance hall. When it comes to interior design hallway décor serves to provide this first (or indeed last) experience of the home. And first impressions count. Hallway design is therefore pivotal to setting the stage for everything that follows. The key elements to get right are the use of colour, providing adequate storage, selecting the right furniture pieces and materials. Modern hallway ideas include everything from making an impacting first impression to creating a practical and useful space in the home. Here below we examine some hall decorating ideas as well as providing you with more creative ideas for hallways.

The hall is much more than a place of arrival and departure

To create the optimum entrance hall its different functions must be understood and addressed. As well as creating a welcome the hall must connect with the home’s reception rooms and other spaces. If the home is two-storey normally the staircase to the upper floor is situated here. So the entrance hall décor should reflect this idea of circulation. Specific elements of furniture will be required as well as adequate storage for over coats and shoes. And a mirror will provide an opportunity to check oneself before departing the home.

Hallway decorating ideas 

To create a welcoming and efficient hall décor there are a number of simple steps to follow relating to colour palette, storage and finishes. Hallway paint ideas should focus on a colour palette that maximises the available light. This helps generate an ambience of welcome. Hallway furniture choices can combine the practical with a designer flourish. Contemporary hallway furniture such as hat stands, console tables and mirrors can be cutting edge as well as functional. For hallway storage ideas think of a closet for coats and jackets, ideally built-in, and a console table for keeping car keys and house keys. Lighting is also crucial, hallway lighting ideas can be whimsical; a feature fitting will create a talking point. But good light is critical for the front door both within and without.  In terms of the finishes hallway flooring ideas need to withstand wear and tear. Floor finishes will have to be robust, easy to maintain and not show up dirt too easily.

Small hallway ideas

Even if the hall is modest in scale with the right approach a sensation of welcome and generosity can be achieved. Small hallway ideas can include contemporary hallway mirrors with fine frames rather than antique heavier frames. A full length mirror is ideal for narrow hallway ideas and will double the perception of space. Small hallway decorating ideas can feature small hallway furniture that is correctly scaled to the space. A hallway cabinet for instance or a half console table which doesn’t interfere with circulation.

FAQs regarding the best décor for hallways
What colours make a hallway look bigger?

Bright and airy colours such as light greys, off-whites like creams and ivory will instantly transform any hall into a vibrant and more generous space. But don’t discount light blues and soft greens, using lighter tones personality and contrasts can be established.

What is the best colour to paint a hallway?

Hallway paint ideas should veer towards the lighter end of the spectrum, bright and cheery colours. Grey hallway ideas including ceramic flooring and elegant wallpaper or paint finish make for timeless classic design. White hallway ideas should be confined to walls which combine perfectly with engineered timber flooring or parquet. While blue hallway ideas can feature wall hung art works that complement the décor, avoiding sterile white.

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