November 22, 2016 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Guest Blogger | Wall tiles and lighting: creating lights and shadows on the Wall

By Carolina Sánchez, interior designer and blogger at Comodoos Interiores

In any worthwhile and thoroughly studied interior, anything or almost any important item will not be randomly arranged. One can think of switches, furniture, wall tiles, and even how the very last detail and complement in the space will be like.

When studying the lighting, not only will we think of the “official” one defining and lighting spaces up, but will we also come to believe in projects where the lights and shadows on the wall become a part of the space’s aesthetics and decoration.

These are some of the series from the PORCELANOSA Group which will provide that value in relation to both light and shadow, which not only fills the walls with both life and movement, but it also makes anyone see that every space becomes quite unique.

With regard to the bathrooms, we usually use this choice of materials a lot more, but, we would not dare let them be the centre of attention or even provide them with the main value regarding the face of a wall. This is the reason why today, we will have a review of some of these series which will become unique, and what is more, they will provide that really special and exclusive touch.

For instance, the Oxo Deco Blanco series, turns out to be one of these pieces that provides both movement and lightness. Highlighted by the vegetal representation sinuosity, it turns out to be perfect not only as the dominating element, but also to have it enhanced by a fine subtle led lighting, or elements providing the wall with light and contrast.

However, it is not just a matter of colour or simplicity, sometimes those flashes are achieved by covering the pieces with metal shades or shiny elements. Therefore, the Artis Bronze series, such a trendy effect and material, which turns out to be the ideal choice for either a Contract project or a unique wide space.

Thus, with this element visualisation, it can be included in lots of spaces, by moving from the kitchen to the bathroom, and also by providing that touch or volume effect that we are seeking.

For example, have you ever thought about including ceramic in your bedroom? Perhaps if you discover the Faces series, you will almost get a unique, geometrical and practically irregular sculpture which will make you see a place or a light like never before.

These elements can be moved from the inside to the outside, or simply can be thought of, from a different point of view. In fact, the Wood Cubes series turns out to be ideal for surprising both inside and outside, as a marquetry work being involved in the interior design.

So, if you want a wall to be unique, don’t just think about its light or texture, think about creating a unique pairing for that perfect interior.

For further inspiration, don’t stop searching and exploring the PORCELANOSA Group webpage. You will really find inspiration and different materials.

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