March 5, 2020

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Grey kitchen ideas

Most interior designers working today will agree that kitchens are probably the spaces that excite most interest in the home. In recent years grey kitchens have become a popular trend. There is a reason for this; grey is a highly versatile and timeless colour that is guaranteed to enhance any kitchen space. When it comes to grey kitchen decorating ideas the important concepts to remember are texture and tonality. Tonalities are important to get right because the matt finish is completely different from the gloss finish. Cool matt greys work well in combination with stainless steel kitchen appliances for instance. While grey gloss kitchen ideas are a great way to make small spaces seem more generous in size.

Grey kitchen ideas broken down into parts

#01.  Grey kitchen floor ideas

Grey is probably the most forgiving colour possible for kitchen floors. The beauty of grey ceramic tile or grey porcelain is that dirt does not show up easily. Grey kitchen floor ideas can include concrete effect floor tiles which combine beautifully with a complimentary shade of lighter or darker grey for cabinets.

#02. Grey kitchen backsplash ideas

A grey gloss subway tile with dark grey grout or a matt grey stone chevron tile pattern for the kitchen backsplash adds subtle visual interest.

#03. Grey kitchen cabinets

In order to add depth to a small kitchen use contrasting tones of kitchen cabinets for base and wall cabinets, with darker tones for the lower units. The overall effect works well no matter what the style, shaker, rustic or contemporary.

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Grey kitchen ideas combined with other colours

When grey which is reality a non colour, is combined with other shades very different moods and affects can be created. Grey can be the dominant or the accent colour in the kitchen. Follow this link for kitchen paint ideas and advice on what’s the best colour for a kitchen.

Grey and white kitchen ideas

Combine a white paint colour for walls with a warm grey for cabinets to highlight the natural daylight in a kitchen.

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Black and grey kitchen ideas

Grey tones that occupy the darker end of the spectrum such as charcoal and anthracite can be complimented by combining with black. Either gloss or matt works well.

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Cream and grey kitchen ideas

The kitchen worktop, backsplash and furniture accessories like breakfast bar stools and textiles in cream can frame a grey kitchen colour scheme.

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Grey and yellow kitchen ideas

In order to really highlight the neutral qualities of grey team with yellow, for backsplashes, accent tiles or furniture.

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Grey and copper kitchen ideas

Grey is especially appropriate when paired with a metallic accent. Copper which is on trend right now is a particularly good choice, Taps and lighting accessories, kitchen equipment or decorative objects, everything works.

FAQ s regarding using grey in kitchens
What colour goes with grey kitchen units?

Grey is a versatile colour shade and virtually anything goes with it however it’s best to limit other colours to no more than two.

What colour floor goes with a grey kitchen?

Dark or light timber flooring or a ceramic timber effect tile is an ideal choice. The warm texture and colour of wood enhances and contrasts with the cool detachment of grey.

What colour walls go with grey cabinets?

A darker or a lighter shade of the same grey, that is just go up or down a tone. Paint or wall paper will equally suffice.

What colour floor goes with light cabinets?

Dark slate or concrete effect porcelain tiles are ideal, and don’t show up the dirt easily.

What colour tiles go with cream kitchen units?

Grey flooring in either darker or lighter shades will highlight the softness and warmth of the cream.

What's the best colour for a kitchen?

White can never be underestimated for its sheer luminance. But introduce a pale grey for a contemporary twist on a classic colour choice.


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