June 26, 2019

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Discover the elegant potential of grey décor

The colour grey is in need of rehabilitation, considered a non-colour by some the shade is in reality an intermediate colour, a mixture of white and black. A colour without a colour. There are numerous examples of grey in the natural world; storm clouds, bird’s plumage, rocks etc. as there are in our culture, grey is the colour of sobriety, of war ships, of smart business suits and even the bestseller pulp fiction ‘40 shades of grey’. The endless variety of grey tones is achieved by adding other colours, red for a warmer grey, while blue produces a cooler shade of grey. How can this powerful and evocative colour be incorporated into the home? Here below we examine some grey décor ideas.

Grey and white kitchen ideas

Grey is a neutral colour, neither too bright nor too dark. This makes it ideal for combining with other colours and textures. The combination of grey, wood and white in the kitchen is an example of how the practical considerations and elegant neutral tones can create an ambience of elegance and warmth. White is the most popular colour for kitchens, it suggests hygiene and light. However by subtly introducing grey and combining it with wood textures, for the kitchen worktop or floor finish an entirely different effect can be achieved. One that softens the sterile nature of white and lends a welcome and organic feel to the kitchen.

Grey and white bedroom ideas

The main function of the bedroom is to provide an environment that is conducive to rest and sleep. What better colour to set the scene than grey. Whether it be for soft furnishings, upholstery, wall paint or flooring grey is a restful colour, it is comforting in its neutrality. Reliable in terms of its appeal, it inspires confidence and is the ideal background that allows other more daring colours to shine.

grey and white bedroom ideasCredits: @olgakopylova.design

Grey and white living room ideas

The Georgian period in architecture is remembered today for its neoclassical language and elegant stately homes. Grey was a very popular colour for living spaces then, it provided depth to the cornices and mouldings that were ubiquitous at that time. Its timeless elegance can easily be harnessed nowadays using different shades of grey on walls and upholstery in the living room. When contrasted with a white cornice or ceiling rose the effect is three dimensional, creating an optical illusion of greater space. Because white and grey belong within the same wavelength they are natural companions for complimentary furnishings and accessories.

grey and white living room ideas

Credit: @coaestudio

Grey and white bathroom ideas

The potential of grey and white to lend classical luxury can also be applied to the bathroom. Because white is the most common colour for sanitary ware grey can be the perfect compliment or accent; ceramic wall or floor tiles, wall paper, bathroom accessories or even textiles. By combing different shades of grey the effect can be dramatic.


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