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Grey bedroom décor ideas for a more sophisticated look


One of the added advantages of going on holiday and staying in a beautiful hotel bedroom with an en-suite is being inspired to redecorate our bedroom back home. 

For most of us, our bedroom décor doesn’t reach the five star standards we experience when we stay in a luxury hotel. But hope is at hand; the secret to a luxury bedroom décor could be found in the colour grey. Grey is one of the best-suited colours for bedroom décor thanks to its versatility and calming tones. The colour manages to be both trendy and timeless, partly because there are so many shades and tones that fall within the grey spectrum. With that in mind, let’s go over some ideas and suggestions for how best to feature grey in the bedroom, including floor tiles and wall finishes.



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Why grey works in the bedroom

For several years now, interior designers have been aware of the great potential of grey, as it has been a great choice across people’s homes and in luxury locations for several decades. As a colour, it straddles two classic ends of the spectrum, black and white. Grey is a great choice for interiors because of its wide variety of shades that range from the darker classic charcoal, like the tones shown in the Karachi Acero tiles, and almost-black greys to the lighter shades of grey. Unlike most other colours, grey can be both neutral and the mail focus of a space, depending on the way it is treated and matched across the bedroom.


Choosing the best colours to go with grey in the bedroom

The bedroom requires special attention when it comes to its décor. The number one priority is achieving a peaceful and restful space that provides the right conditions for sleep and relaxation.

Everything else must be aligned to that basic tenet. Grey is one of those colour choices that can fade into the background and provide a neutral backdrop, allowing other elements to shine, or work as a primary highlight in its own right.

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Tips for co-ordinating grey in the bedroom space

Because grey is such an adaptable colour, it provides the ideal canvas for introducing more bright touches such as art objects, lighting features, and soft furnishings. Pops of bright colours and fabric patterns are easily integrated with grey. Grey is also a colour that combines beautifully with timber flooring, be it dark or light in shade. Combine contrasting shades of grey to provide visual interest and added depth in the bedroom.

As an example, dark greys are fantastic for highlighting architectural details in bedrooms. For a more contemporary look, lighter greys are great for creating a character with pictures and shelving displaying decorative objects. Introducing splashes of colour works great here too – warmer tones work great with dark greys, while lighter hues of blue and green are perfect with light greys.

Of course, there’s more to a bedroom than just the colours alone, so we’ve broken down some key components below.


Grey bedroom flooring & walls

Ensuring that there is a coordinated colour scheme in the bedroom helps establish a sense of calm and well-being. It can also extend out across the home, allowing for a cohesive feel throughout. Given the versatility of grey, it is ideal for integrating very different materials, typical of bedroom floor tiles and wall finishes. The following combinations will provide very different results:

  • A darker grey tone of floor tile, such as the Shine Dark tile, combined with a light grey wall paint or wallpaper, for instance, lends a bedroom gravitas while reflecting any available light.
  • Alternatively, if the bedroom has a taller than average ceiling height, is under an attic space or has a larger than normal floor area, a light shade of grey flooring, like the Indic Gris, with a darker grey wall finish creates a sense of enclosure and cosiness.
  • To achieve a more contemporary grey bedroom aesthetic, match the flooring to the wall colour, using contrasting materials to add texture.




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Grey tiles

Grey tiles lend spaces a special depth, without sacrificing an atmosphere of visual cleanliness and a neutral appearance.



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Grey headboard; upholstered fabrics & other materials

The headboard is an essential element of any luxury grey bedroom. It protects the walls and provides support for pillows and cushions. Normally, the design is an extension of the actual bed itself but it can also be a stand-alone piece of furniture. The headboard is generally upholstered to provide an additional layer of comfort and protection for the head while sleeping. Grey works well with the following headboards:

  • Grey fabrics are a good choice for the upholstered headboard because the colour provides just the right contrast for crisp bed linen and more colourful bedclothes.
  • An alternative design approach is to exaggerate the headboard volume as a feature with a contrasting shade of grey to the background wall finish. This might be a hard material like timber or tiling for bedrooms. If coordinated with reading light fittings and bedside tables, the various elements can occupy an entire bedroom wall.  
  • A grey headboard can be converted into a bedroom installation by cladding the wall directly behind with a different material, i.e. wood effect tiles like the Oxford Acero or some other material.




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Headboard ideas

Here we consider different materials, ideas and what’s trending in headboard designs.



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Grey bedspreads and bed linen

Solid grey tones for bed throw blankets perfectly complement crisp white cotton sheets. In fact, the bed represents the greatest surface after the flooring for making a colour statement. The idea of changing your bedding with the different seasons is another example of how the décor can adapt over the year. Try changing your bed linens from darker reds and purples to brighter blues and greens as spring opens to summer, as these work well to change the grey bedrooms. throughout the sea-sons



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Grey cushions and soft furnishings

The typical soft furnishings of the bedroom will include everything from the cushion covers on a bed to the window blinds and curtains, floor rugs, bed linen, mattresses and so on. Grey is one of the very few shades which works with any colour scheme.

Mix and match different shades of grey with contrasting textures to add depth and visual interest to the bedroom. When paired with bedroom flooring, like the Linkfloor Realm Greece for instance, this can create a very striking impression.


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Grey accessories: decorative elements, bedroom furniture & light fittings

Apart from the bed and headboard, a few other key accessories complete the bedroom décor, items of furniture and decorative objects. These elements present another opportunity to use grey, which can be mixed and matched in different tones and textures, including a free-standing wardrobe, bedroom storage chest, an upholstered bench at the end of a bed, bedside tables, storage drawers, an armchair and artworks. Unifying all these elements can be a lot of work, but grey bedrooms can create a cohesive feel to the space and helps avoid visual clutter.



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