December 5, 2019

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Grey and white bathrooms: The timeless appeal of a classic colour combination

Different rooms of the home can be decorated with contrasting styles and colour palettes. This is clearly evident when considering the varying functions and activities associated with each space. The living room should evoke an ambience of relaxation, the kitchen a practical and pleasant working environment while bedrooms should be restful. And the bathroom should be timeless, creating a space for pampering and grooming, offsetting its more functional installations and elements. Grey and white bathrooms are always popular, two colours that are closely related occupying the luminous end of the spectrum. Together their subtle contrasting tones can intensify the light available whether it be natural or artificial. Bathroom ideas in grey and white include sanitary fittings, wall tiles and other cladding materials, accessories, wall paint and even toiletry products.

Grey is the new black

The colour grey is undoubtedly having a moment right now. It’s a versatile option whatever the space or surface where it is featured. Grey can also be a wonderful way to introduce more daring colour elements, it provides the ideal backdrop to allow other colours to take centre stage. And not just for the bathroom, grey décor can be introduced throughout the home in different guises. The colour is ideal for showcasing the minimalist bathroom in complimentary shades of grey. When combined with the right accessories grey almost disappears altogether allowing the bathroom fittings and sanitary ware design to be fully appreciated.


The spectrum of greys varies greatly depending on saturation and intensity. If mixed with other primary colours grey can provide a warmer or cooler tone depending on the desired effect. Combining different shades of grey with white is a very effective way to add depth to a bathroom. The grey white bathroom is a subtle and delicate variation on the classic white decor. While the black grey and white bathroom on the other hand lends a more avant-garde elegance. Here the brighter tones of white sanitary ware are framed by panels of grey and white tiles and become more of a feature in the bathroom.

Reasons to choose a grey and white bathroom

The combination of grey and white creates a highly contemporary décor, one that will not become dated over time. Because grey and white bathroom tiles provide a neutral backdrop that nevertheless avoids being insipid or cold. The bathroom should be a space filled with light and cladding walls with grey and white finishes reflects light back into the space. Modern grey and white bathrooms are a wonderful way to showcase designer sanitary installations and fittings.

What colour goes with grey tiles in bathroom

Grey and white modern bathrooms should not be synonymous with a monochrome colour palette however. Vibrant hues can be introduced using fabrics, plants and other bathroom accessories. By mixing and matching these elements the grey and white bathroom never becomes stale or outmoded.


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