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Green Decor, bring the spring indoors

Green is the colour of renewal, of spring, of the earth, of Mother Nature. To bring these qualities into the home there are a number of different ways to go about achieving an attractive and impacting green décor.

The range of hues within the green wavelength is almost as varied as the spectrum itself; mint green, olive green, lime green etc. Words that evoke powerful images, different intensities of green for different situations; from the subtle tones appropriate for a living room paint colour or wall paper, to the deep green perhaps more appropriate for an accessory or an upholstered sofa. What is the best way to make room for green in the home?

How to create a green kitchen

The first place to start when introducing green into the kitchen is with planting, a practical and decorative way of bringing green into the kitchen. A herb garden or a vertical wall garden are good options but potted plants will do equally well. Selecting green tiles for a splash back or an accent tile within the kitchen is another possibility, suitable perhaps for anyone a little nervous of going the whole hog and painting entire walls a favourite or trendy shade of green.

For green enthusiasts why not a fitted kitchen that celebrates the tone with cabinet doors. A shade in the lighter end of the spectrum, an olive green kitchen or chartreuse combined with a contrasting work top to underline the effect. Or a darker emerald green kitchen to make a designer statement.

Green living room ideas

Green is considered to be the most relaxing colour, and to have healing properties. Introducing green into the living room should therefore, if possible be part of the room where we spend most of our conscious time. With the living room the possibilities of green décor include accessories such as cushions, auxiliary furniture like a pouffe as well as soft furnishings like curtains and upholstery. Unlike some currently trendy colours green is never passé and never feels ‘old’.

Green decor living roomsCredits: @designedbyiman

A green bathroom

The contemporary bathroom is nowadays a refuge, a home spa, where we pamper and renew ourselves. Here then is another place where the benefits of green can be experienced either through tiles or bathroom accessories in striking hues.

decoracion verde 13

Other green room ideas 

The entrance porch or hallway is also a perfect space to ‘go green’. Here we are at the threshold of the outside and the inside, so the transition form indoors to outdoors (or vice versa) should be tempered with green, a soothing and welcoming colour that inspires emotions and prepares us for what is to come. A striking green wall paper pattern, a statement potted plant or a furniture item such as a hall stand, side table, umbrella holder or coat rack are good options.

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