May 15, 2023


Green tones for fresh and cheerful spaces

Green hues give spaces a fresh, bright and dynamic feel

Vibrant yet light, green works well with countless neutrals like white, grey or beige. Brightness and wellbeing come guaranteed with a green décor scheme, making spaces feel more natural - especially bedrooms and bathrooms.

Next, we'll take a look at some green décor ideas to give you inspiration for your next project. If you want to update and refresh bathrooms, bedrooms or any other room, shades of green make a fine choice.

A green and healthy kitchen

The trend for green in interior design is enduringly popular, because we associate greens with nature, freshness and tranquillity. Unleash your creativity with these green décor proposals for the kitchen:

Adding potted plants, herbs or a vertical wall garden will lighten the space and turn the kitchen into a botanical haven, brimming with vitality.

Green walls work well alongside more neutral tones such as white or beige, which you can use on your furnishings.
Combinar verde y gris en la decoración, es una de las posibilidades que se adaptan a las tendencias de decoración de 2023.
• Green introduces a striking contrast when used with black or white in these rooms.

Natural rooms in green tones

Green has connotations of life and hope, bringing energy and serenity to living rooms. Combining greens with light textiles like linen or cotton, botanical prints and rattan lamps give spaces an unmistakeably exotic air.

Ideas for decorating a green living room

Green walls are trending for 2023. But if you want to follow the trend, you don't necessarily need to go full monochrome. You could combine green with other shades such as white or beige for some interest, or even use wall tiles with prints featuring subtle variations in colour. Visually speaking, this technique breaks up the monotony and results in a more dynamic and appealing space.

If you'd like to introduce some green into your living room scheme, textiles are another excellent solution. Curtains, cushions and blankets in greens will give the room a splash of colour and texture. Achieve a unified palette by using a tone of green that matches the tone used in the rest of the room.

Green bathrooms: the new wellness trend

Incorporating green hues in the bathroom makes for an incredibly relaxed ambience. Combine with elements such as black taps, white washbasins and LED lighting for a striking visual effect.

One ceramic collection designed in this colour is White & Colors by Porcelanosa. The three series (Málaga, Vetri and Granada) include verdant shades that evoke nature and brighten up your walls.

The power of green décor goes beyond relaxation: you can use is to add a delightfully fresh feel in the bathroom. Use lighter shades like mint or lime green to create an original and vibrant atmosphere. Complement your green bathroom walls with white furnishings and brightly coloured decorative accessories for a bold and modern look.

To sum up, green bathroom décor gives you a host of options for creating a relaxing space with a personality all of its own.

Green bedrooms

Used in the bedroom, the colour green takes on a therapeutic edge, and pairs well with light textiles, natural flowers, retro style pendant lamps or minimalist furniture with a black or white lacquered finish.

Green décor is an excellent choice for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. We associate the colour green with renewal and purification; it's the perfect choice for a space made for relaxation and boosting your energy levels.

Tips for green bedroom décor

In this room, you could use different shades of green in different parts of the room. But you don't want to go over-the-top with your bedroom décor: which is why we recommend combining green and grey. Here are some ideas for introducing different shades of green into your bedroom:

– Use textiles such as bed linen, curtains and cushions to incorporate green into your bedroom décor. Bed linen in a softer shade of green will give you a sense of freshness and calm, whilst green curtains lend elegance and sophistication.
Use a headboard or artwork to introduce green to the walls in a subtler, more elegant manner.
Opt for wood furnishings in light or dark tones, both of which work well with green walls and achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You could also use white or grey tone furnishings to create a striking contrast against the green.

Green, for fresh interior décor

From plants to textiles, green can be used in many ways to create a sense of harmony and freshness in the home. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing ambience or up your sophistication levels, green is an incredibly versatile colour that works with a wide range of decorative styles.

If you would like to add this tone to your home, visit our Porcelanosa stores where you'll find inspiration and lots of ideas for introducing green into your kitchen, bathroom or any other room you want. We look forward to seeing you!

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