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Green Bathroom Tiles: Ideas & Inspiration

The calming and relaxing qualities of the colour green are highly suited to bathroom décor. With green bathroom tiles, the space takes on the healing qualities of a home spa.

Tiles are the backbone of any bathroom design (given their unique characteristics), whilst green has a biophilic quality. Together they are a winning combination. The bathroom is after all, where nature is at its most raw, a space dedicated to bodily care. To help you design the optimum green-tiled bathroom we have put together a collection of ideas and inspiration for going green.

Green bathroom tiles




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Why is green such a suitable colour for bathroom tiles?

Nowadays green is not only a colour but a philosophy, signalling an awareness of the environment and its finite resources. It’s no accident that green today is synonymous with caring for the planet. It is a restful, characterful, and highly versatile colour. Few colours can match green for creating a calming and luxurious setting.


Water, the bathroom and the colour green

Although in theory water is colourless, when we come across it in nature water tends to take on the character of its surroundings. So the Mediterranean is crystalline blue, and the Atlantic has a greyish-blue tone. Lakes and rivers in the UK, on the other hand, adopt a panoply of green shades. So it follows that green evokes water and that is precisely why the colour looks so comfortable in our bathrooms.

AQUA GREEN 26.2X29X0.6


AQUA GREEN 26.2X29X0.6




Available in-store



Green tiled bathrooms

Green is one of those colours that changes radically across the spectrum of shades. From turquoise to aquamarine to sage there’s a green shade for every individual design. If we also think about the different styles of tiles and their dimensions, the possibilities of green tiles are literally endless. The following looks include some wonderful illustrations of the power of green bathroom tiles on both walls and floors.


Green bathroom wall tiles

Bathroom wall tiles help maximise the light; they bounce reflected light back into the space. Green wall tiles can create a warm glowing effect in the bathroom. To get the most from green bathroom wall tiles we recommend:

  • Strong green shades as feature panels, use mosaics or geometric tile options. Suitable for transforming smaller bathrooms or en-suites.
  • Lighter shades of green with simple rectangular or metro-style tiles for a more minimalist decor.
  • Rustic style, crafted tiles in a variety of pastel green shades to maximise light for a bathroom with limited daylight.
  • Ridged or textured tiles in mottled green shades to add a contrasting finish to sanitary ware for a more designer décor.

We now go through each option one by one, showing examples and explaining the best way to use the various types of green wall tiles in the bathroom.

#01 Green geometric bathroom tiles

A feature panel of green geometric tiles with a metallic sheen can create a highly contemporary look. The colours range from sage green to lighter tones.

Notice the ceramic timer effect parquet flooring which perfectly complements the green tiles. Simple geometric lines for the sanitary ware and storage area allow the green tiles to shine through. The effect is decorative yet functional.

Green rustic bathroom tiles

Nazari Fes 11.5X11.5 (Available in-store)

#02 Green rustic bathroom tiles

The simple rustic style wall tile in a mixture of light green, mint and pistachio shades provides a beautiful backdrop.

The colour and the texture of the tile are the ideal choices to showcase the sculptural sanitaryware. This is a modern take on rustic design combined with cutting-edge contemporary bathroom furniture.

Green chevron tiles for the bathroom

Mediterranea Calpe Grass 7.5X30 (Available in-store)

#03 Green chevron tiles for the bathroom

This glazed green wall tile is laid in a chevron pattern with contrasting white grouting. The tile is laid from floor to ceiling, contrasting colours on entire walls for the different planes.

The clean lines of the installations are complemented by the tile selection. Green provides just enough character to prevent the minimalist approach from becoming boring.

Green mosaic tiles for the bathroom

Hypno Hope 30.2X30.2X0.4 (Available in-store)

#04 Green mosaic tiles for the bathroom

Highly dramatic bathroom décor is underlined with green mosaic tile that forms a recessed bathroom shelf.

The lighting, combined with the green marble wall finish, creates an extraordinary space. The lighter shades of the mosaic are the perfect foil for the darker veined marble and stone WHB.

Green metro tiles for the bathroom

Malaga Aqua 25X44.3 (Available in-store)

#05 Green metro tiles for the bathroom

What happens when a classic tile design, like the metro tile, meets the colour green? The results can be disarmingly seductive. Especially given the numerous variations that affect the outcome, such as:

  • Glazed finish. The sheen of the glazed wall tile is particularly suited to the bathroom where reflected light and the beading of humidity create unexpected effects.
  • Grout. An important tip is to choose a grouting colour that suits the design intention. White grout provides a stark contrast to the green while grey or a darker shade of green makes the joints almost disappear.
  • Pattern. Laying the green metro tile in a vertical configuration is a more modern take on a classic style. For a more subtle look, arrange the tiles horizontally and add a splash of colour with green.

Green bathroom floor tiles

Green isn’t just for bathroom walls. The bathroom floor can be given more life and architectural interest with green flooring tiles. For the best results, we recommend that you adopt the following tips:

  • Match the floor and wall tiles in the same shade of green and style of tile for small bathroom spaces.
  • Choose a contrasting shade of green and a more neutral style tile to complement a darker or lighter green wall tile.
  • Make the flooring the main feature of the bathroom. Green flooring tiles are a great way to throw a green reflectance over white sanitary ware and more neutral wall finishes.
  • A pale sage green or a pastel green in a simple hexagonal geometric floor tile will add just enough character to a bathroom.


What colour goes with green bathroom tiles?

Green is admittedly tricky to combine with other colours. There are many examples of colours that simply do not work with green. However, it is this very specific quality that makes it stand out when it is combined successfully. The following tips are a foolproof way to combine colours with green in the bathroom.

#01 Dark green bathroom tiles

For small bathrooms or en-suites, where you want to make an impact, dark green bathroom tiles provide a solution. Contrast with a lighter grout to lift the overall visual effect. A ridged or textured tile in dark green is guaranteed to create a dramatic effect of light and shade.

Equally, a gloss finish helps to balance the deeper colour shade and reflect any available light back into the space, creating a warm green glow. For large bathrooms combine dark green with white or another lighter shade of green.


Dark green tile

#02 Sage green bathroom tiles

The silvery green shade of sage is named after the dried-out eponymous herb, a soft and earthy shade that is having a moment right now in décor generally. In the bathroom, few colours compliment white sanitary ware as well as sage green. Pastel shades and light greys are ideal companion colours for sage green.


Sage tile - Nazari Fes
NAZARI FES 11.5X11.5X1-1.1

#03 Emerald green bathroom tiles

One of the most vibrant shades of any colour is emerald green. It has a deep blue-green hue and is named after the precious stone. The colour is luxuriant and enveloping, suitable for making a striking designer statement. Dark shades and organic materials like timber, leather and metallic finishes work well with emerald green.

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