August 17, 2023

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The Gold Bathroom: A Daily Luxury

The gold-themed bathroom is making a big splash in designer circles. With improvements in gold plating techniques, a whole world of possibilities opens. However, gold needs to be handled with care. Read on to find just the right balance to create a gold bathroom and convert it into a luxurious retreat.

Bathroom décor is increasingly becoming a statement of intent. A way of expressing our aspirations and personal taste.

With all the sanitary ware and decorative options on the market, we can make the bathroom reflect our own individuality in a practical and luxurious way. It is the one space in the modern home that is private, dedicated to wellness (both body and mind) and luxurious pampering. Gold too is synonymous with luxury.

If we think about the bathroom as the precious jewel in our home, then the gold bathroom takes on a special significance.

Bathroom with gold finish taps and bathtub

Liem Bathtub 185×95 (Available in-store)

Lignage Carrara and Gold Bathroom Brassware (Available in-store)

Best ways to use Gold in the Bathroom

With the gold bathroom sometimes less is more. Gold is a precious metal and overegging the omelette can be counterproductive. As a way of drawing the eye, nothing compares to gold, but too much and it just fades into the background.

The best ways to feature gold in the bathroom depend on the other materials used throughout the space. With this article, we are going to examine how to highlight gold under the following categories:

  • Gold bathroom lighting and accessories
  • Gold bathroom taps and shower fittings
  • Sanitary ware finishes and mosaic tiles
  • Plumbing installations


Transform Your Bathroom with Gold Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are the key to unlocking the potential of the gold bathroom. The most popular ones include towel rails, toilet roll and brush holders, shelving, mirror frames, etc. Brushed gold bathroom taps, for example, have a flat but intriguing presence. But don’t forget lighting and elements of furniture and sanitary ware such as Wash Hand Basins. They are also excellent ways to introduce gold.

Luxury gold finish bathroom accessories


Golden Touch

Gold bathroom accessories work best when seen against plain, or monochrome finishes. Marble effect wall tiles, stone and plain ceramic are good options. The gold should really stand out like a piece of jewellery against the skin. That way it draws the eye as well as fulfilling a practical function.


Lounge Gold Finish Accessories  (Available in-store)

A gold light feature can really pull a bathroom space together because gold can accentuate traditional or modern style décor. A vintage light fitting in gold never looks out of place whether it be Victorian era or Mid-century modern.

A small stool, storage unit or side table in gold might just be enough, when combined with a complimentary tile, to add a luxurious element. These additions are not only decorative but provide handy ways to store and keep toiletries close to hand in a gold bathroom.


The Allure of Gold Bathroom Taps

Every use of the bathroom involves touching a door handle, a faucet or a WC lever. Although momentary, the tactile act can be a fleeting experience of quality and sensual pleasure. The substantial weight and glimmering tones of gold make time slow down almost. What is essentially a simple act is now ceremonial.


White classic basin with gold finish tap

Lignage 3-hole basin mixer (Available in-store)

There are two popular categories of gold finish. The brushed gold finish, which is matt, and the polished gold finish, which is shiny. Brushed gold looks very contemporary whereas polished gold was more popular in the past. Therefore, depending on the style you are creating, one or the other will be more suitable in your gold bathroom.

Mixing and matching can be a great way to draw attention to gold taps in the bathroom. Like the example above, where a period-style WHB is paired with a brushed gold finish for the taps, sink plug and even the soap dispenser. The effect is visually powerful, especially against the white ceramic.


Glamorous Gold Bathroom Tiles

Gold is a universally admired precious metal. Its orange and yellow reflective hue holds a fascination for the human eye. Gold bathroom wall tiles are characterful and even when used sparingly, can elevate the décor of a run-of-the-mill space into a designer statement.

Nowadays, gold metallic mosaics in a brushed finish are trending; the look is pure luxury. Use with care, however, the shower cubicle, the area around the WHS or anywhere the architecture of the space allows. The reflective qualities of metallic gold throw a brilliant light into the bathroom, a very different lighting effect to other finishes. But be careful and use gold judiciously.

Gold finish aluminium mosaic on a shower wall
Gravity Aluminium Arrow Gold mosaic tiles



Arrow Gold 


Material: Aluminium

Finish: Gloss



Creating Contrast: White and Gold Bathroom

White is the ideal backdrop to appreciate the properties of gold. Natural and artificial light reflects back into the space and onto taps, toilet roll holders and other accessories.

White marble effect wall tiles with a subtle vein or matt plain white ceramic tiles are great options to frame the specialness of gold. Gold and white sanitary ware are the perfect decorative companions. White, timber and gold provide a powerful palette of materials in the bathroom.


Bathroom with gold finish fixtures and marble effect wall tiles

Liem Bathtub 185×95 (Available in-store)

Lignage Gold Bathroom Brassware (Available in-store)

Bold and Opulent: Black and Gold Bathroom

When black and gold meet, magic happens. The visual impact and decorative drama are off the charts in the black and gold bathroom. Black absorbs light and almost disappears, leaving the gold to dominate the void.


Bathroom with black stone and gold mosaic wall tiles

Faces Stand Basin Habana Dark BPT 55.2×60.8×96 (Available in-store)

Gravity Aluminium Shall Gold 24.4×26.4 (Available in-store)

Gold mosaics work especially well with dark stone finishes and matt black tiles. If there is a texture all the better, as we don’t want the black finish to entirely disappear. The gold aluminium mosaic tiles pictured celebrate and highlight this sculptural WHB. The black marble effect wall and floor tiles are the ideal frame to highlight the beauty of gold.

Brushed gold finish bathroom radiator and towel heater

Stay Warm in Style: Gold Bathroom Radiator


Gold can be ultra-practical as well as decorative. The gold heated towel rail adds a sensual luxury to the bathroom. Gold turns a utilitarian installation into something entirely indulgent. Emerging from a hot bath or invigorating shower during the colder months to the embrace of a warm towel is another way to experience luxury.

The gold finish is surprisingly hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion. It does require careful cleaning, however. Hang the radiator on a plain wall tile or other finish for the optimum results in the gold bathroom décor.


Matt Gold Round Radiator 560×1200 (Available in-store)

All that Glitters

There is a finite amount of gold in the world and for that reason, it has always had a special place in the decorative arts, including interior design. Now with improvements in technology, you too have the lustre and opulence of the gold-themed bathroom.

For the full range of tiles, accessories, faucets and plumbing installations, make an appointment at your nearest Porcelanosa showroom. You’ll find eye-opening inspiration in all things related to the gold bathroom.


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