September 6, 2019

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Gold bathroom decor

After years of chrome and stainless steel dominating the bathroom scene, gold fixtures have re-emerged as a top choice for today’s homeowners due to its feel of elegance and sophistication. No matter where you put them, gold accents tend to make things look more stylish and attractive; and bathrooms are no exception to this. The key is not to overdo the décor, but rather keep it balanced. However, getting the look just right can be a delicate matter. Too little goes unnoticed, and too much becomes garish. Here, we bring you a list of tips and tricks to help you get the bathroom of your dreams.

Credits: @ryzup_kitchen

Gold bathroom tiles

Besides being a trend this year, metallic bathroom tiles are perfect when you want to make a statement, whether in the shower, behind the vanity or even around the bath. With their innovative and contemporary appearance, they blend in particularly well with modern styling, minimalist lines, and natural wood.

Credits: @taliandroche

Gold bathroom taps

With many different types on the market, taps are an indispensable element of any bathroom – not just functionally but also visually. From smooth, modern curves to classic vintage style, gold taps are perfect for adding a splash of glamour to your bathroom. Combine them with natural stone, white sanitary fittings and large mirrors to to turn your bathroom into a luxury retreat.

Credits: @axiombuilderstx

Gold bathroom mirror

If you are looking for something that says classic but up-to-date, find yourself a lovely gold-framed mirror. It will instantly inspire an air of old-world elegance while remaining modern and stylish.

Credits: @thetruehouse

Gold bathroom basin 

If you want to add some shimmer and shine to your bathroom décor,  but not sure how to do it, opt for a gold basin like this one made of KRION™. Combine it with grey tiles and black faucets for an impressive look.

Credits: @designedbyiman
Credits: @designedbyiman

Gold bathroom light

Light up your master and guest bathrooms with beautiful gold lightning fixtures. They are notably versatile and blend in perfectly with every type of tile imaginable – ranging from vintage hydraulic to marble effect tiles. Available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and styles, you can choose the one that’s best for you suiting both your style and needs.

Credits: @kemoo_interior_design

Gold bathroom accessories

Having the right cabinetry hardware – like handles, knobs, and levers – really completes your bathroom look and feel. Replacing all the existing fittings with new gold ones will instantly improve the overall appearance of your space and look great for years to come.

Credits: @stylewiseinteriordesign


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