July 11, 2022


Elegant bathrooms with glass mosaics by L’Antic Colonial

New shades and different formats, bringing a distinct personality and adaptive capacity to any space.

Traditionally, the use of glass mosaics has been limited to cladding of swimming pools and outdoor areas due to their technical characteristics in terms of strength and maintenance. However, the innovation in new formats, the materials used in the tiles and the shades offered, more commonly found in interior spaces, have led to their use also in bathrooms, kitchens and even living rooms.

L’Antic Colonial has captured this trend in its collections, with a wide variety of designs that allow adapting them to the decor of any room. New models that stand out for their brightness and luminosity and that bring a major advantage, their great capacity of adaptation.

Special designs in neutral shades

The new trends in decoration and the possibility of materialising them in a wide range of colours have led to incorporating glass mosaics in areas where, traditionally, other types of products were used. Mosaics full of sophistication and designed in neutral shades that transmit a welcoming atmosphere in every corner of a home. Combining patterns in different colours will help break with monotony and a monochrome aesthetic.

These distinguishing elements are perfect to highlight the wall of a room, such as a bathroom. By using natural elements (marble, travertines or natural wood) as a base, we can alter the visual continuity with a section of glass mosaics, such as Urban Line Lead by L “Antic Colonial.

You can also go for a completely different and original aesthetic. One of the current trends is using geometric patterns. This can be achieved using triangular tiles, making small rhombuses, with a matt and gloss effect, as is the case with the Effect Triangle Silver mosaic, which gives an artistic touch to interior design thanks to its 3D effect.

Touch of elegance and originality

The traditional use given to glass mosaics (swimming pools and wet areas) has led to blue shades being the most common choice for this type of cladding. However, the updating of formats and finishes has also reached this colour range. Each degree of brightness, each texture is the result of a delicate creation process that must be considered when tiling a room. For example, the shape of the tiles in the Aqua series by L’Antic Colonial simulates water drops. This perception is accentuated by the sense of humidity transmitted by its finish. Models that create uneven sections and project the effect of movement, as if they were sea waves, with a smooth touch on the surface.

Other more discreet options within the same shade would be the eye-catching Crystal Cream and Crystal Navy models in transparent, colour glass. Hexagonal and longitudinal tiles contribute to a certain irregularity, enhanced by their asymmetry to the touch.

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