August 1, 2017

GET THE LOOK: Pack Architect + Round. White, black and grey, a perfect combination for the bathroom


The Architect basin

From a design characterised by smooth lines, the basins from the Architect series are highlighted by their high ceramic technology and functionality from Noken Ceramic®. It is a ceramic range which reinvents the equipment in the bathroom by offering high durability, as well as easy maintenance and cleaning.

Its minimalism is specially portrayed by the fine edges of thickness, which make the size of the piece smaller and increase the visual power of the set.

As stated in a previous post, versatility turns out to be one of the advantages in the Architect collection, with basin models which go further than white, since it provides the possibility of choosing from a wide range of colours.

The Architect bathroom furniture

The steady work in R&D by Noken, makes the development with revolutionary innovative items possible. For example, the bathroom furniture from the Architect collection, whose surface has been treated through nanotechnology, therefore, a pleasant and soft to touch texture has been achieved. It also adds an innovative feature: the possibility of repairing superficial damage quickly by applying some heat to the damaged area.


The Round basin taps

The Round taps are elegant bathroom pieces that perfectly suit any atmosphere. They are like an updated version of iconic taps by Noken, and they are provided with a thinner cartridge which makes the piece more stylish. Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly, so energy saving is achieved because of the cold-opening system, and also because of a lower water consumption caused by having the flow rate limited by up to a maximum of 5 litres per minute.

The lever is pure inspiration, since it has an ergonomic curved end which, with a frontal view, reminds us of a drop of water.

Accent lighting in the Hotels light fixture

Light fixtures are essential bathroom accessories regarding the creation of a perfect atmosphere since they increase comfort exponentially.

Light fixtures are especially key decorative elements, since on one hand, they allow for creating atmospheres and feelings in the decoration space, whereas on the other hand, they must meet the user’s requirements regarding practicality.

Hotels offers a light fixture focused on the mirror, whose main aim is to have a shadow free environment that is neither dark nor dim, along with making the lighting in the room uniform, with solutions that do not produce flashes, and which allow us to get close without the feeling of getting warm.

All the Noken light fixtures are provided with the sustainable LED lighting technology, which is environmentally friendly thanks to the lack of both mercury and tungsten and also the reduction of CO2 emissions by 80%.


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