June 21, 2022


Miraflores gazpacho from Tamara Falcó, the perfect antidote to beat the summer heat

The renowned chef prepares this summer dish in the Porcelanosa kitchens, using fresh vegetables and quail eggs.

An undisputed summer favourite. Thanks to its refreshing nature and high nutritional value, gazpacho is one of Spain's - and the season's - most typical dishes. Especially in Andalusia, the region it originates from.

Perfect for summer meals, this light dish comes in as many forms (Extremaduran, Andalusian and Castilian) as methods, but all share the same key ingredients.

Miraflores gazpacho is one of the most innovative, and this is Tamara Falcó's fresh take on a classic, prepared in a modern Porcelanosa kitchen. This was the dish which got her a chef's diploma from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school of haute-cuisine.

Let's take a look at how to prepare this quick and easy gazpacho.

Miraflores Gazpacho

Serves 4 people:

XTONE® | Tamara Falcó - Miraflores Gazpacho

• 1 kg vine tomatoes.
• 40 g white onion.
• 25 g red pepper.
• 60 g cucumber.
• ¼ garlic clove.
• 30ml extra virgin olive oil.
• 30ml mild olive oil.
• 7ml sherry vinegar.

For the garnish:
• 1 cucumber.
• 6 quail eggs.

For the croutons:
• 2 slices of bread.
• 150g butter.

For the semi-dried cherry tomatoes:
• 12 vine cherry tomatoes.
• Sugar.
• Oil.
• Salt and pepper.

• Rocket.


Semi-dried cherry tomatoes:

  • Blanch and peel the tomatoes. Dress with oil, sugar, salt and pepper.
  • Place the tomatoes on a tray, and roast at 80º C for 1 hour to dehydrate. Allow to cool.


  • Blanch and peel the vine tomatoes. Wash and peel the pepper and cucumber.
  • Remove the seeds from all the vegetables, cut into chunks, remove the germ from the garlic, and use a jug blender to blend the ingredients.
  • Pass the ingredients through a fine strainer, back into the jug blender.
  • Add the vinegar and slowly drizzle the oil in to allow the mixture to emulsify. Season to taste and chill.

Quail eggs:

  • Boil the quail eggs for 4 minutes. Cool, peel and slice in half.
  • Season to taste and chill. Allow to cool before serving.


  • Cut each slice of bread in half to form batons (1 cm thick).
  • Heat the butter in a frying pan until it browns to a beurre noisette, then add the bread, frying until golden.
  • Place the batons on kitchen roll to drain the excess fat, and set aside.


  • Wash the cucumber and use a peeler to slice into thin strips. Discard the first piece.
  • Roll the cucumber slice. Keep cool.

Garnish/to serve:

  • Place three dehydrated tomatoes in a bowl together with three rolled cucumber slices and three quail egg halves.
  • Add three croutons, and garnish with rocket leaves.
  • Serve the cold gazpacho alongside the other vegetables.

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