August 8, 2019 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Gamadecor Kitchens: quality guaranteed

Gamadecor carries out quality tests on all of its designs in order to ensure that the designs comply with the highest standards.

The Emotions series comes with water-repellent properties, thanks to the coming together of the laminate coverings through laser technology.

Gamadecor, a company from PORCELANOSA Grupo, has a wide and varied range of products and materials in its catalogue, which is geared towards complementing all types of projects. One of its strongest areas is none other than the kitchen. Elegant and sophisticated designs which integrate all the comfort and the functions that people need. Elements which are of excellent quality that are put through strict physical and mechanical tests on the surfaces, carried out by the relevant department in the company itself.


In the physical tests, the resistance of the colour to light, ironwork corrosion, water; along with edge adhesion and the impact of a metal ball are all involved in the stringent tests. They are carried out on the raw material and the components of each module; from there, it is possible to identify the inalterability against those potential factors. In the mechanical checks , the ironwork and the modules are put through tests to see if they are compatible. The durability of the drawers is put under review bearing in mind future loads, as well as the continuous opening and closing of the doors. The aim is to confirm that everything is in fine working order.

Lastly, the surface analysis is a means of assuring that each part of the kitchen does not get affected by the same factors and attacks which can occur in a kitchen, namely: stains, cleaning product resistance, stickiness, high temperatures and abrasion.

Emotions, pure versatility

The kitchens from this innovative series from Gamadecor are a combination of functionality, design and exclusivity. For greater space optimization, the ironwork; the most advanced available finishes; the deepest units and small baseboards have been used. The laminate coverings which are just 19mm in thickness, and furthermore,  the edges are joined through laser technology. This method is appropriate in an area like the kitchen because of being watertight and having water-repellent features.


The models from Gamadecor are recognised as being high-quality products. The company reinvents and brings the kitchen concept to a space which is not only unique and encompassing but also functional.

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