June 27, 2019 | Updated: December 12, 2019

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Capturing the cosmos with galaxy tiles

Like contemplating the waves crashing on the shore or the licking flames of a fire in the hearth looking into the cosmos is a hypnotic sensation, time is suspended. Who can fail to be humbled by pondering the infinity of space and thinking about the great existential questions that have inspired all civilisations? The use of the galaxy tile, also know as star galaxy is like an element of infinity captive in stone. A black or dark grey coloured granite stone that contains small specks of gold and silver particles held in suspension. A recreation of the cosmos in a microcosm.

Book-matching marble by L’Antic Colonial

The earth and the stars

Granite is a type of coarse grained rock that is considered massive (lacking internal structures), robust and hard wearing. Granite is formed from molten rock normally deep below the earth’s crust, over the millennia it has been brought to the surface by shifting tectonic plates. These qualities make it suitable for use in construction and interior design projects. Granite tiles also offer aesthetic appeal making them a popular choice in public buildings but increasingly they are used in the domestic realm. The perfect hard wearing and resistant material for flooring and wall cladding in the home.    

Reflecting infinity

The use of highly polished galaxy granite floor tiles in the entrance hall, kitchen or bathroom lends the space an additional dimension. A surface with depth that looks as if it were sliced from the heavens and framed to embellish the very ground we walk upon. Whether dark grey or black, the galaxy granite floor tile is a reflective surface that mirrors the walls, cabinets and other elements placed upon or surrounding it thus lending it a greater sensation of space. One that combines the practical and aesthetic to provide a feeling of luxury and quality.

Book-matching marble by L’Antic Colonial

A combined effect

Combined with a complimentary kitchen worktop, in a contrasting or matching granite the effect can be even more dramatic. Floor tiles can be laid in a staggered fashion or a square grid manner, care should be taken to select the correct grouting which can dramatically enhance the effect. The polished finish is a neutral canvas that generally works well in concert with other colours.

Book-matching marble by L’Antic Colonial

A spiritual dimension

The use of galaxy tiles as wall cladding in the bathroom or as a kitchen splash back can lend an aesthetic embellishment to the room. Especially in smaller concentrated areas. The granite can be used as a mosaic or smaller geometric tile for more creative finishes. Rectangular wall tiles, configured in a brick pattern for example can be decorative and provide an focus within the surrounding walls. The great beauty of the galaxy granite tile is its natural, organic quality. Like a work of art that embodies the very spiritual questions at the core of who we are.

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