3 August 2022


Antonio Banderas and Sandra García-Sanjuán, tireless advocates for solidarity, will headline the 2022 Starlite Porcelanosa Gala

Spanish MP and Minister Reyes Maroto, Richard Gere, Victoria Federica, Paloma Cuevas, Fran Rivera, Santiago Segura and Carmen Lomana, among the guests at the charity event.

Andrea Bocelli, Ana Obregón, Alejandra Gere, Carla Pereyra, Chucho Valdés, Ainhoa Arteta and Diego Boneta will be recognised for their philanthropic work, social commitment and involvement in various humanitarian projects in a new edition that features Porcelanosa as its main sponsor.

The Gala will be hosted by Valeria Mazza, Iván Sánchez and Luján Arguelles, and will feature performances by Diego Torres, Chui Navarro (from "Reik"), Chucho Valdés, Juan Peña and countless other surprises.

Nothing can stop Antonio Banderas and Sandra García-Sanjuán's drive for solidarity and their eagerness to contribute to a better world. This year they are once again organising the most highly anticipated solidarity event of the summer, the Starlite Porcelanosa Gala.

Next Sunday, 14 August, the hosts together with many friends of the Starlite family, will celebrate an evening of solidarity in the magical enclave of La Cantera, in an event full of countless surprises and unforgettable moments.

Antonio Banderas and Sandra García – Sanjuán at the Starlite Gala

Beginning 13 years ago and with Porcelanosa as this year's main sponsor, the gala will bring together prominent personalities from the business, social and cultural worlds with the express aim of raising funds and supporting the Starlite Foundation, the Starlite Group's social project.

Examples of this are the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, who will attend the gala for the third consecutive year, Victoria Federica, Paloma Cuevas, María Casado, Santiago Segura, Francisco Rivera, Loles León, Carmen Lomana and Fiona Ferrer, who will answer the call of philanthropy and actively participate during the evening.

As every year, the Starlite Foundation's Gala Awards will recognise important philanthropic work, recognising individuals for their social commitment and involvement in various humanitarian projects. Such is the case of Andrea Bocelli, Ana Obregón, Carla Pereyra, Chucho Valdés, Ainhoa Arteta, Diego Boneta and Alejandra Gere, who will be accompanied by Richard Gere.

As usual, there will also be several musical performances, including by Cuban music icon, Chucho Valdés; Mexico's Chui Navarro ("Reik"); Diego Torres, with songs that are a pure boost for the heart; and Juan Peña, among other surprises.

As honorary presenters of the gala, top model Valeria Mazza, actor Iván Sánchez and presenter Luján Argüelles will repeat their roles from previous years. With their natural self-confidence, they will keep the spark of solidarity burning through the auction, where incredible gifts, treatments, luxury services and personal care will be available for bidding.

In its commitment to sustainability and the environment, Ecovidrio will produce the trophies awarded to the winners, supporting an important ecological cause in glass recycling.

Spanish multinational Porcelanosa joins as the gala's main sponsor this year, adding its support to the Starlite Foundation in its renowned philanthropic work. A benchmark in innovation and integral design for 50 years, Porcelanosa is firmly committed to social causes and equal opportunities. Two values that it shares with the Starlite Foundation.

Several other companies and institutions also make the Starlite Porcelanosa Gala possible, among them Catalana Occidente, Ford, Fundación Cajasol, Costa del Sol, Bombay Pressé, Grey Goose and Sierra Blanca Estates.

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