August 20, 2020


Keys to a functional and modern kitchen

PORCELANOSA Group’s kitchen brand, Gamadecor, offers some tips for updating your kitchen space using the latest fittings and decorative ideas from its catalogue.


The kitchen has been transformed from a work space to one of the most important rooms in the home. The change that the residential sector has undergone in terms of interior design has led to this room becoming a room for social gatherings connected with other areas of the property (open plan).

The search for function over form is what Gamadecor kitchen models, fixtures and fittings offer in their finishes.


For a comfortable and practical kitchen, let Gamadecor’s decorative tips inspire you to turn your space into the perfect place for entertaining.

1. The search for light

The kitchen must adapt to the real needs of its owner with a comprehensive design that unifies this room with the rest of the property. Open-plan kitchens allow for better entertaining and can be used for not only cooking but for working as well. This type of open-plan kitchen welcome natural light through neutral colours (beige, white) light and prestigious materials as well as pure lines.


The EMOTIONS™ kitchen range range source panels from sustainably managed forests and 6 cm skirting boards to enhance storage capacity and boost hygiene.

Convenient column modules for the oven and fridge are designed to achieve perfect integration. “PORCELANOSA kitchens are designed for even the most demanding projects using top quality materials, and fittings from the best European brands, complying with environmental, health and safety protocols”, says Gamadecor

Another option is to create points of light with side lighting in the glass door modules or backlit shelves.

2. Optimise storage

If you have limited space, it is essential to have a kitchen that optimises storage. A helpful tip is to install interior fittings in the various areas of the kitchen and have fully extendable drawers, corner pull-outs and pantry units.

Gamadecor recommends the Liva module or the Bieder, Hawa or Darwin systems.

3. From the breakfast bar to the central island

To gain space in the kitchen, you can create an open plan kitchen-diner with a breakfast bar that also serves as a table. Alternatively, you can create a central island that allows you to break up the space and gain room, you can also integrate the oven or sink.

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