April 9, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


FOREST ceramic parquet by PAR-KER, a new sustainable concept for contract markets

The porcelain tile minimizes the environmental footprint with a 95% recycled composition, which gets the environmental statement: Dapcons

The original PAR-KER ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa respects nature in every sense. This is a ceramic piece that reproduces the singularities of wood with extreme accuracy which, banks on a composition that is 95% recycled.

Forest offers a porcelain tile which reduces the environmental footprint to the minimum exponent, which results in getting the environmental statement for the product: Dapcons. A programme which brings manufacturing products and building material companies together, whose objective is to create a more sustainable future, as well as investigating and progressing in the study of their products, along with what impact they have on the environment.

As well as that, Forest by PAR-KER has received the environmental process and commitment to ecology certification, which results in it becoming the most suitable ceramic parquet for sustainable projects.  

A composition which is recycled from other Porcelanosa collections

One of the most prominent features from Porcelanosa is that the 95% recycled composition from Forest stems from the solid ceramic waste which is generated during the production process for the rest of the Porcelanosa collections. The perfect symbiosis between refractory powder and aspiration powder from the treatment systems.

The Forest series has been created in order to offer solutions to the ever-growing demand in the property, hotel and contract markets. Its composition offers high quality at a more affordable price in relation to the other ceramic parquets by PAR-KER, and furthermore, it fits perfectly with the needs of big surfaces, like those in public and private buildings which come in the shape of: residential complexes, businesses, health facilities, education centres, prisons, airports and government buildings.

With Forest, the possibilities are multiplied, above all, because of it being resistant to: pedestrian traffic, radiant heating, fire, as well as water and humidity in general. The aforementioned inalterability comes in two formats: 22cmx90cm and 14.3cmx90cm. The latter also comes in anti-slip for outside areas and humid or wet areas.

Regarding the different finishes, it comes in 4 different colours: Natural, Arce, Fresno and Acero. Shades which make for relaxing and bright finishes, which is the case with Forest Natural, and in a greyish and elegant tone like Forest Acero.

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